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August has been a big month for the broadband project. Much of the fibre infrastructure is in place and some of it has been tested and is ready to use!


In Achnasheen, all selfdigs are complete. BT Openreach (BTO) has now commissioned the fibre network. This means connecting the fibre cable to the connection boxes and testing the network to make sure it works properly.

BTO progress
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Most of you will now be able to order an FTTP broadband service. There are only a small number of FTTP broadband Internet Service Providers (ISPs) at the present time.

Look through their deals and find the best one for you. Then order a service through your chosen ISP.

The ISP will arrange for fibre cable to be installed from your connection box to your house and for the external and internal connections to be made to get you up and running. The process can take up to 6 weeks from when you place your order.

Other areas

Little Garve to Aultguish is nearly ready for commissioning work. But there are still some selfdigs to do (by 27th August please - BTO has put back from 10 August). And there is a delay for a few properties because of Forestry Commission permission and wayleaves.

BTO is still building the network between Garve and Achanalt. There’s been great progress on selfdigs. Although BTO has yet to confirm a deadline, aim to get them finished by early October.

The media are interested because this is the biggest community fibre partnership project that BTO has undertaken in Scotland. (Further information in a separate post on this site).

Calling all you selfdiggers

Brilliant progress on self digs. Over half of them have been done already, and there are many more in the process of being done.

Please make sure that when you apply for your grant, you send us a completed application form and a signed and dated invoice (s) made out to you and itemised as we have previously specified. We need this for our audit purposes.

Note that for Garve to Aultguish selfdigs, BTO has just put back the deadline from 10 August to 27 August.

Just a reminder that you need to complete them by the BTO deadline so that BTO can classify your property as ready to accept a fibre service. This means that there are no delays in you ordering and getting a fibre broadband service.

If BTO cannot classify your property like this when they do the commissioning work, you will still be able to get a fibre service. But it could take up to a couple of months longer and you may incur 'excess construction charges' which you will have to pay for - GDB / LCT will not pay for these additional costs.

Questions & Comments

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Sarah Bedwell said:

Is there any update to network2 fibre commissioning? 


Steve Jones said:

Hi Sarah.

Nothing yet. The latest update from OpenReach will be circulated this week.



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