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Here's all the information you'll need to know if you're planning a self-dig, from local contractors to properties included in the project to contact details for each area.

Local contractors

List of local contractors ((in alphabetical order) who have expressed an interest in doing self-dig work in the GDCC area:

Whether you choose one of these contractors is up to you. If you prefer, you can do your own self-dig. Or you can ask someone else to do it for you eg a different contractor, friend, neighbour, gardener, relative, employee, or person you have used for small jobs before. GDB is not and does not purport to be acting as an agent for contractors or for householders by providing this information. GDB accepts no liability for your choice of contractor and will under no circumstances be liable for any damage, injury, or loss of any kind whatsoever to any property or persons as a result of any activities involved with the self-dig across your property, including the correction of any faults found by a BTO inspection.

List of other self-dig properties in your local area


  • Ledgowan Lodge Hotel
  • Lochrosque Lodge
  • Fionn Cottage House next to Fionn Cottage Schoolhouse
  • Creagan


  • Caiseachan Oldtown Cottage
  • The Cottage Dosmucheran
  • The Auld Church Rosebank
  • Strathbran Lodge


  • The Old Manse
  • 1 Mossford
  • 2 Mossford
  • Creag Mhor
  • Coire Buidh
  • Gardens Cottage
  • The School House
  • Druim Forne
  • Sawmill Cottage
  • Lochluichart Lodge
  • Lochluichart Lodge Flat
  • Burnside

Corriemoillie and Gorstan

  • Corriemoillie Croft
  • Gardners Cottage
  • Strathmore House
  • Corriemoillie Glenview ‘New Build’, Gorstan
  • Hill Cottage
  • Tigh Na Croit

Little Garve and Silver Bridge

  • River Cottage
  • Bridgefield House
  • Glentawik
  • Woodlands
  • Tigh Na Drochit
  • Tigh Fiodha

Silver Bridge to Inchbae

  • Garbat
  • Carn Mhor
  • East Park
  • North Hill Forest Cottage
  • Sruthan Nah'Earba
  • Achnaclerach Mains
  • Taigh Na Croit
  • Carn View
  • Inchbae Lodge Inn
  • Inchbae House
  • Luibfearn

Your GDB team contact for questions and general advice

  • Aultguish to Little Garve
    Mark Dale
    01997 455 076
  • Lochluichart, Corriemoillie and Gorstan
    Phil Moore
    01997 414 254
  • Achnasheen and Achanalt
    Barry Peters
    07950 915 050
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