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Post in The Garve & District Development Company by Tina Hartley
Ok, let's try something a little different. Think 5 - 10 Years from now, how will Garve & District look? What will have changed and how will we make the change? Let's padlet!

Show us your vision for the future!

It's easy, just press the red plus sign in the bottom right corner and begin.  Hit the 3 dots and you can do so much - write, record, link, photo, screen shot, map and even draw!

Looking forward to your posts.  Don't worry about filling the screen up and covering other post, we can move and save things as we go along.

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Sue Tarr said:

The padlet is a great way of getting comments in - like sticking "post-its" during a brainstorming session. Do you have under-16's in your household? Why not get them to "padlet" too? 

Ed Tarr said:


Use it as an instant note pad before an idea goes out of your mind. You might find there are others out there with similar (or better versions)  Lots of ideas vapourise because of lack of an airing.

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