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Garve & District Broadband Group need your help to support Garve Village

Please act now!

Now that all properties in Garve village are connected to the fibre cabinet or the exchange, OpenReach and Digital Scotland tell us that all properties should be capable of getting superfast speeds ie over 24 Mbps.  There seems to be some evidence that this might not be the case.  We need to understand the speeds in Garve village so that if there is a problem, GDB can go back to OpenReach and Digital Broadband Highland to make a case for improvement.  Without any hard evidence we cannot do this.

  • Therefore we need you to do a broadband speed test and let us know the results.  Please can you do the following: -
  • Turn off all devices except the one you are going to do the speed test with
  • iIf at all possible, connect this to your router with a cable - otherwise just rely on wifi (the quality of your wifi can affect your speed)
  • Click on this link or put it into your browser
  • Run the speed test and note your download and upload speeds

Then please email us back with the following: -

  • Your speed test results
  • The advertised speeds for the broadband package you are on
  • Your broadband supplier

Our email address is

Thank you in advance.

When we get this information, GDB can go to Openreach to try to resolve any issues that arise.

Just to re-emphasise the point, I cannot ask OpenReach to do anything until I have your hard speed data, so please act now!

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