Garve and District

Meet the Directors and Board Advisors

The Garve & District Development Company aims to regenerate and develop the community in which you live and work, now and in the future.

What are Directors and Board Advisors responsible for?

The Board of Directors is responsible for:

  • Strategic and operational planning, the creation of a Community Development Plan to meet the needs of our community
  • Commissioning a programme of new projects and upgrading existing community assets to meet these needs
  • Monitoring projects to keep them on track
  • Ensuring the company is run properly
  • The financial well-being of the company

What are Advisors responsible for?

From time to time we invite advisors to join the Board to offer their assistance and share their experience and skills. - as per Clause 75 of our Memorandum of Association.

Who are we?

Sue Tarr

Sue Tarr Director
Sue Tarr - Chair and Director

Sue is a well known supporter of community groups both here in Garve & District and in the wider Ross-shire area. Sue is a crofter who keeps cattle at Gorstan and also has a horticultural background which gives a broad range of practical skills.

I attended Garve Primary and Dingwall Academy, and know the local area well. There are challenges for small rural communities like ours, but in the Highlands we are good at coming together and helping each other out.

Sue is currently a local representative on the EDF Corriemoillie Education Fund panel, and interests include nature and wildlife.

John Bedwell

John Bedwell Garve & District
John Bedwell - Treasurer and Director 

Having worked overseas and then for 20+ years, run his business throughout the UK, John has travelled extensively but increasingly values the time spent working from home and engaging with his children, grandchildren and the wider community.

“There are some significant synergies between my professional work for Local Authorities and the challenges and great opportunities for ‘investment’ in this community, and having spent 3 years on the LCT board, I hope I can now contribute to the effective and sustainable use our ‘windfall’ funds from within the community's development company”.

Andrew Biddlecombe

Andrew Biddlecombe
Andrew Biddlecombe - Director

Andrew feels that as local residents we all have a part to play in helping to define our local area's future, our communities future, and that we all have a multitude of differing skills and perspectives that need to be accommodated and catered for. Andrew is happy to share his skills and experiences in this respect within the community, and invest time and effort to this effect.

He has lived in Garve now for 5 1/2 years, and considers himself fortunate to be able to call this area home.

He comes from a background in various IT and Telecommunications technologies, and as well as working for some of the IT Industries largest organisations across the globe, he has also gained valuable experiences through historically having run his own small business for a number of years.

Andrew works with many of the UK's larger organisations in his professional role (supporting the security and resilience of many of our Critical National Infrastructure networks and services), and building business solutions that seek to drive further business potential through the creative use of technologies to achieve this.

Andrew looks forward to being able to engage with the board and staff and most important, his community.

John Fenwick

John Fenwick
John Fenwick - Director

John lives at Gorstan with his wife Jeanette. He joined the Garve and District Energy group to help bring the benefits of energy efficiency to the community. His house is an energy efficient “PassivHouse” but John’s zest and energy for community projects is far from passive. He greatly enjoys being part of a board leading a range of community development projects.

John moved to the Highlands from Tyneside in 2013 after retiring from a career in the NHS Path labs. An entire working life in the NHS on the shop floor and in management taught him that every problem has a solution if you’re prepared to rise to the challenge, consider all the options and get everyone on board. John’s an enthusiastic photographer. He likes to shoot mountain landscapes, but as an active member of Dingwall Camera Club has turned his hand to a variety of subjects. He organises competitions and workshops for the club as well as helping members of the Dingwall Men’s Shed with their photography. He would like to see a community club for people to share their photographs and learn from each other.

Mike Franklin

Mike Franklin
Mike Franklin - Director

Mike moved from Swindon in Wiltshire to Garve in February 1997. Since then he has been self-employed as a contract software engineer, running programming training courses across the country and abroad and, more recently, with a partner down in England, he started a company running a photographic printing lab focused primarily on schools photography.

His main hobby/interest is mountaineering and in particular winter ski mountaineering, this is what originally brought him up to live in the Highlands. He also spends a fair bit of time working in his garden.

So after nearly a quarter of a century in Garve, Mike felt it was time to give a little something back and feels his experience in running a company may be of some use to the Development Company.

Heather Green

Heather Green
Heather Green - Director

Originally from Texas, Heather is now very happy to not only call Scotland home but also Garve.  Her work career includes 17 years in high tech, focusing on Learning Management Systems for global companies.  However, her roots are quite the opposite, having been raised in the remote Texas Hill Country on an exotic game ranch.  

"I'm a huge lover of nature in all its forms.  The beauty around here is astounding and I believe it's up to the residents and community to preserve not only this beauty but also the community way of life."

Not being short of hobbies, her favourites include hill walking, wild camping, baking, playing the guitar, riding her motorcycle, any kind of DIY home building and anything HORSES!

Amy Sharp

Awaiting further information

Zoe Bedwell-Cuthbertson

Zoe Bedwell-Cuthbertson
Zoe Bedwell-Cuthbertson - Youth Advisor

Zoe is pleased to work with to the Board of The Garve & District Development Company as Youth Advisor. As a young person in Garve and District she really would like to have some influence on community development, especially with regard to what is available for young people in our area.

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