Garve Public Hall

Garve Public Hall

For over 100 years, Garve Public Hall has been at the heart of its community

A sense of place

Garve Public Hall is a community owned asset run by a local voluntary trustee Board, it is a treasured resource and has been a long-standing part of the community for over 110 years.  It is a place where people, location and resources combine to create a sense of place - it is at the heart of our community.
During 2019, Garve Public Hall Trustees held an open event to put forward ideas for improvement and capture the community’s views on how the hall could support residents, schools, and businesses in the future. This event, by far, received the biggest turn out from our community when compared to other events.  
Garve Public Hall     Garve Public Hall
Those who attended were in favour of moving forward ideas for refrubishment and redevelopment.  This was again confirmed by a Community Asset Feasibility Study which looked at the potential for a “Village Hall/Community Centre for the Future”, considering the views of our community. Questions posed were – Option 1 - should we consider redevelopment and expansion of Garve Public Hall or Option 2 - look at a new build community hall. The results from community consultation were 64% in favour of Option 1, 24% in favour of Option 2, and 12% in favour of neither option.
We are pleased to say that working in partnership with The Garve & District Development Company, and using grant funding from Lochluichart Community Trust, we are now moving forward plans for redevelopment, although Covid19 and lockdown have slowed this process down, however we will keep you informed as we move along.

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