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Broadband Update Dec 2018

Post in Utilities by Steve Jones
We have great news. BT OpenReach have commissioned all premises from Lochluichart to Achanalt. Everyone here can now order a fibre service.

Everyone can order fibre now

All 133 premises in Phases 1 and 2 of our project, from Gorstan to Achnasheen, and from Little Garve to Aultguish, except the most remote premises, are now enabled for a fibre service. BT Openreach has completed the job on time.

The next update will give you details of what's happening for the remote properties, Strathgarve, and Garve to Gorstan, and what we are looking at in Garve itself.

So get ordering that new broadband service - you may get it in time for Christmas.

Self Diggers

There are still a couple of self digs still to be done.

But there are around 15 self-digs which have been done and for which we have not yet had a grant application.

This self-dig grant scheme closes on 31 December.

We have to draw a line under this and bring it to a close. We can't let it hang on indefinitely.

So please, if you want a grant, then give us your apllication before the end of December.

Grant application after this date will not be paid.

Questions & Comments

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Gillian Mackenzie said:

Why in all the world are tarvie being ignored yet again!!!  We do not deserve this in this day and age! 


Robert Moir said:

So you know why only part of Garve is connected to “the box” and when the rest will be done?


Steve Jones said:

Hi Robert

We will provide a full udpate on Phases 3 and 4 of the project in the next few days. This will cover off what we know about what is in planning for Garve by HIE and BT OpenReach .



Kerrie Doswell said:

Hope it's ok to mention this here (I'm not advertising or anything!) but if you're taking out a new broadband contract you should really consider going through a cashback site - I've seen some deals today worth well over £100!


Kerrie Doswell said:

And a huge thank you to everyone who's been involved in making this happen - so excited!!!

Sadie-Michaela Harris said:

How do I accees the earlier comments made on this thread please?

Seems to have a most recent 5 comment limit.

Interested to go back to discussion iro Strathgarve connection - subject to funding.

Thanks for reading Sadie

Blair Millen said:

Hi Sadie, I think the other comments you are talking about were on this different broadband post.

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Tina Hartley said:

Hi Sadie-Michaela

Nice to hear from you, on this post there would appear to be 5 comments above yours and no others.  As you look to your right and in the grey box there you will find previous posts which may have comments on also.

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