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Broadband Update November 2018

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REMEMBER, 31st December deadline for self-dig grant! 96 premises are now able to order a FTTP service. Read on to find out more...

November 2018 - Update 7

It's all taking shape nicely - more premises can now order their fibre service!

Openreach have reported:

...96 premises are now able to order a FTTP service, including three of those that had been delayed whilst we sought permission from the Forestry Commission...

FTTP November update map

For those of you who have organised a selfdig, please do not forget to get your signed invoice and grant application form back to us as soon as possible. Deadline is strictly 31 December 2018 (please bear in mind that if you send to us just before or during the Christmas period we may not be in a position to quickly turnaround your grant cheque - yes, folks, we do take holidays too!)

Applications and invoices received after 31 December will not be processed/honoured.

Finally, it was good to meet so many of you at the recent Development Company AGM - what a superb evening!

All the best from the Garve and District Broadband Team

FTTP broadband

Progress with current Phase 1

All premises, except the following, are now ready for you to order a fibre service. OpenReach tell us these will be commissioned by end November 2018.

  • Those in Garbat affected by the delay due to Forestry Commission wayleaves – work now underway
  • All premises from Lochluichart to Achanalt inclusive – work continuing

GDB still has not received several selfdig grant applications.

The deadline for getting these paid is end December 2018.

Phase 2

GDB is working with property owners and OpenReach on Strathvaich, Luib, Badavanich / Lubmore and Fannich / Aultdearg.

  • Contracts are in discussion for Strathvaich and Luib
  • Badavanich / Lubmore will be a satellite or network solution, not fibre.
  • Fannich / Aultdearg discussions are ongoing

GDB is working to have solutions for these premises by end 2018. But it depends on how quickly OpenReach can provide costs and contracts.

The intention is to apply for LCT funding in the December 2018 round where possible.

Phase 3

This phase involves 16 premises in all, those in Strathgarve and four properties between Gorstan and Garve. GDB has walked through these premises with OpenReach. They have said that they will give us a plan, contract and price for these premises by end March 2019. If this is achieved, GDB will apply to LCT for funding in the March 2019 round.

Choosing an internet service provider

Folks are now choosing an ISP. Some have had a smooth experience, for others it’s been more challenging. Issues have arisen because of:

  • advice originally sought by individuals from Openreach has not been deliverable in practice
  • incorrect assumptions about what a new fibre service / provider might deliver

Deciding on a new service can be complicated. There are several providers, different services, various bundles, and a myriad of deals. And that’s before you consider what to do about broadband, line rental, linked TV, linked mobile, office facilities etc.

Everybody is different.

OpenReach is only about the delivery of fibre infrastructure to your door. They can point you to suppliers, but they cannot give you specific reliable advice – even about BT.

You can only get this advice by talking to your existing and new providers. And being clear about what you want from a new provider ie broadband, TV, mobile, landline etc.


  • be clear about what you want from a service / provider
  • talk in detail to your existing and new providers to see if you can get it https://tinyurl.com/FibreProviders
  • if you cannot, then find a compromise or a route that takes you to what you want over say the next year
  • AND ONLY THEN, sign up with a new provider

The latest on BT landlines

GDB has received further information from BT about BT Landlines. The issue is whether a BT landline number can be transferred to your new fibre service supplier (ISP). (Covered in our FAQs in May – see on this website, or at garve.org).

The Achnasheen and Garve exchanges were upgraded to provide this transfer facility on 26 October 2018.

BUT BT is not allowing us to do this yet because it seems they have teething problems elsewhere with the technology, and they want to link it to a general approach of getting rid of copper wire.

And other providers, eg Zen, do not offer telephone over fibre yet – they may do in future.

Therefore, in the short term it WILL NOT be possible to transfer a BT landline number to your new ISP.

Your options for a phoneline now are therefore:

This is the most up-to-date information that GDB has currently. As ever, though, please check all these details out with your new provider – and get what they say they can offer you in writing before signing up!

Share your experience

If you have had an issue moving over to fibre, then please sign up to the community hub website garve.org and post your issue and how you have got around it. Other people will benefit from your experience. But please – no rants! Keep it constructive.

Please also share your experience of having fibre broadband and what difference it has made to your on-line life.

Questions & Comments

Here's what others said...

Andrew Biddlecombe said:


Can you confirm what is happening for those of us in Strathgarve area please, it’s not clear from the maps if this is “network 2” or not...

We have had survey work conducted by BT back several months now...

Many Thanks


Steve Jones said:


The position on Strathgarve is as under phase 3 above. Basically, delivery of some upgrade, to be specified, sometime during 2H 2019, subject to LCT funding. 


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