Basket of wool

Any knitters out there? Want some company?

in Ideas by Sheila Mitchell

Ilse Jack has come up with the suggestion of a get together for all the knitters in Garve & District. Do you enjoy picking up the needles from time to time?

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coffee and biscuits

Anyone fancy a coffee? Time to vote!

in Ideas by Sheila Mitchell

A member of the community has come up with the idea of a coffee morning for all ages. No specific reason in mind, just a chance for people to get together for a chat.

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Tourist Information Road Sign

New Road Signs for Wyvis Natural Play Park

in Ideas by Tina Hartley

Vote Now - Do you think new road signs directing traffic to the designated Play Park entrance is a good idea?

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Roadside verges

Vote now - safe road sides and new verges?

in Ideas by Pamela Morrison

An idea has been put forward that the A832 really needs to be safer in terms of road side access - do you agree?

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Garve Village Hall

Idea: Public Meeting about Garve Village Hall

in Ideas by Jan Gamble Grigor

Time to Vote! Would the community welcome a public meeting to discuss how Garve Village Hall could be improved, get people's views on the subject?

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Skating Santa

Thumbs Up, Community Christmas Party 2018

in Ideas by Sheree Grant

There are big plans afoot for a Garve & District Community Christmas Party, but the question is who wants to meet Santa?

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hairdresser cutting hair

Business listings

in Ideas by Lucy Beattie

We have a number of small businesses in Garve and District. Would you like to have a place on the digital hub to share your details with members of the community?

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Community Garden

Community Garden

in Ideas by Ed Tarr

Time to vote! Any green fingered folk out there? A few people have expressed a wish to see the development of a Garve & District Community Garden.

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