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Broadband Project Update August 2020

Post in Community by Steve Jones
Great News! At long last, OpenReach have confirmed that the fibre network for Phase 3 - Strathgarve and Gorstan to Garve - has been commissioned.

All these 17 properties can now order a FTTP ("fibre to the property") service from their chosen provider.

Last year the only FTTP providers in our area were BT and Zen. There may be more now. Current providers can be found on the BT website.
So after a little delay due to Covid-19, the best broadband in the UK is now available in Strathgarve. See the evidence in the cover photo!
Happy ultra-fast surfing.

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Robert Moir said:

When will they connect Garve itself? Some of us are still not even on superfast.


Steve Jones said:

Hi Robert

Garve and District Broadband (GDB) has never had in its scope putting Garve village onto FTTP. This is because BT and Digital Scotland have both told us that the fibre cabinet and exchange in Garve village should enable all the houses there to get superfast speeds. 

GDB has delivered through BT and Digital Scotland a connection from all houses in Garve village to either the exchange or the fibre cabinet, giving a FTTC solution.

The BT availablity website and the Digital Broadband Scottish government website both say that your address should be able to get at least 50 Mbps download. And that for example in Matheson Avenue the speed should be at least 33 Mbps, both well above the minimum 24 Mbps for superfast.

If you haven't already done so it would be worth you talking to BT to find out what is available at your property as well as looking on their site. 


Steve Jones

Sadie-Michaela Harris said:

Best news of 2020 so far :) 

Thank you to Steve and everyone that helped bring this to fruition LCT and GDDC

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