Garve & District Broadband Group

The broadband group was set up in April 2016 to investigate how to improve broadband in three areas of the Garve & District community that weren't due fibre upgrades in the foreseeable future.

The three areas, which estimate to include 133 properties and ten businesses, are:

  1. Achansheen
  2. Achnasheen to Gorstan
  3. Little Garve to Aultguish

Our broadband reliability and speeds are poor. We are not served well and we pay the same rate as those parts of the UK who enjoy speeds up to 100 times faster. Our objective is to bring an improved broadband coverage to our community that offers everyone faster communication via email, Skype and Facebook and the ability to do things that others take for granted, e.g. streaming TV and games.

Broadband was the number 1 concern

Better broadband was the number one concern in the GDCC's recent community needs survey. It is a true community project for everyone acrtoss all age groups.

The grouop has established some top level contacts at BT Community Fibre, HIE, various suppliers and installers, and has received excellent advice from Community Broadband Scotland. We've also contacted our MP, several MSPs and Highland Councillors who have supported us by lobbying BT and HIE.

Stay tuned for further updates as the project picks up pace.

Questions & Comments

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Sadie-Michaela Harris said:

Here in Strathgarve we have an Internet speed of less than 0.5Mbps and that cannot access superfast broadband from the fibre cabinet at Garve.  Strathgarve has not been included in any of the three initial phases for the roll out of GDCB. Are the ".....nine more remote properties that will be unable to access either of these solutions and the broadband group will continue to explore solutions for these households." those in Strathgarve? If not when could Strathgarve residents hope to be included in the GDCB scheme please?  

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Steve Jones said:

Hi Sadie

Thank you for your enquiry.

I understand from OpenReach that they are doing some work on the Garve exchange this Autumn to make sure that those people who were unable to benefit from it up to now can do so in the future. So you may find that you get some better speeds from this. 

In addition, the broadband group is going to look at all non-Garve village properties, around 20 of them including Strathgarve,  this Autumn with a view to contracting with Openreach for the delviery of fibre to the premises to these properties next year. We hope to be able to contract with Openreach for these properties in the new year, but this depends on the speed with which OpenReach can do all the necessary survey work, and of course funding from LCT. 


Steve Jones


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Pammy Johal said:

Hi thanks for getting us broadband brilliant!  Can you let me know if we are connected at mossford and if not when can we start to find a supplier? thanks

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Steve Jones said:

Hello there

We were told by BT OpenReach last week that all of Lochluichart to Achanalt can now order a fibre service. 

There will be a communication from us going out early this week letting everyone know. 

Please can you help us by spreading the word because we are not able to contact everyone by email. 

Thank you

Steve Jones

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Martin Sadowski said:

Hi I'm wondering who I speak to to apply for the grant to get towards putting broadband to my accommodation 

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Steve Jones said:

Hi Martin

Thanks for your queston.

You can apply to us, Garve and District Broadband.

Can you let me know your address and contact details please, and we can then give you the appropriate advice about how to go about this. 

Ours are 


Steve Jones

Garve and Distict Broadband

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David Tigwell said:

Hi Steve

Can you advise if we can instruct an fibre supplier to instal; our FTTP to our premises.

We have been told by one that this not yet availble.

Dave Tigwell


Little Garve

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Steve Jones said:

Hi David

Yes, you have bebn able to order an FTTP servcice since you were connectd up. 

There are currently only two main suppliers of FTTP services to our area: BT and Zen.

You should be able to get a pretty good deal from either of them.



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