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Broadband Project Update October 2019

Post in Utilities by Steve Jones
We can announce that Phase 3 is now underway! The LCT have now confirmed to GDB that funds are now available to press ahead with the last leg of our project.

This is Phase 3 consisting of 16 properties: 12 in Strathgarve and 4 between Gorstan and Garve.

GDB signed a contract with BT OpenReach on 30 September 2019 to install FTTP to these properties. BTOR is contractually committed to completing the installation by end of September 2020.
GDB will let you know when to expect the installation to start as soon as we are informed by BTOR.
BTOR will now start planning the project.When this is complete we will know when the work is likely to start and how long it will take to complete.
Some properties will need a ‘self dig’, that is, they will need to bury a cable from a connection box at the edge of their property to their house. BTOR will let you know in due course if you need to do this. You will then be able to apply to GDB for a grant to contribute to the cost of this work. 

This is excellent news! Within the next year, ALL properties in our community will have access to superfast broadband, the majority via FTTP. 


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