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Broadband Project Update March 2019

Post in Utilities by Sheila Mitchell
Great News! Everyone in the Garve & District community will I'm sure be delighted to hear that the broadband project should be completed this year.

Phase 1:

This is all "non-remote" properties outwith Garve village/Strathgarve/Garve to Gorstan.

This phase is complete. All 123 householders can now order an FTTP service.

Phase 2:

This refers to the "remote" 9 properties. 

The FTTP network has been taken to Luib, south west of Achnasheen. This is complete.

FTTP is being installed up to Strathvaich Lodge (4 properties). It should be complete by 3Q 2019.

Funding for the installation of satellite for Fannich and Badavanich (west of Achnasheen) (3 properties) has been agreed by the LTC.

No broadband solution is required for Aultdearg (1 property).

Phase 3:

This area covers Strathgarve and Gorstan to Garve.

Funding for the installation of FTTP to 16 properties in Strathgarve (12) and those between Gorstan and Garve village (4) has been approved in principle by the LCT.

Funding will be made available for this phase when the LCT has itself received funds from the EDF Corriemoillie Windfarm, expected during April 2019.

If this contract is signed with BTOR in May 2019, it will likely be completed by end 2019 (although contractually it would be due for completion by April 2020).

Phase 4:

And finally, Garve village itself.

BTOR aims to connect all 'non-fibre' properties in the village to the fibre cabinet by end 2Q 2019.

Garve village will retain its FTTC solution, not FTTP, because FTTC provides superfast speeds to all properties given their proximity to the cabinet and the exchange.


This means that by end 2019, all 200 properties and everyone in the GDCC community, except the 3 satellite users, will have access to a broadband service of over 50Mbps with unlimited data.

This compares to most properties outside Garve village getting only up to 0.5 Mbps before the FTTP project started in 2016.

Garve and District Broadband
March 2019

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