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Garve Broadband Survey Results

Post in Utilities by Steve Jones
Thanks to all who responded to the Garve broadband speed survey.

Garve village has access to at least superfast speed

From the small, but geographically-spread response, we can conclude that the whole of Garve village has access to at least superfast speed therefore no further work to be done currently in Garve village.

Garve and District Broadband has completed its project. When we started in 2016, Garve village had a maximum speed of around 8Mbps and the surrounding communities had between 0.5 and 2 Mbps. Today all properties in the GDCC area have access to at least superfast broadband: Garve has fibre to the cabinet and an upgraded exchange; and the surrounding communities have fibre to the premises.

In a few years time, it may be necessary to install FTTP into Garve village itself, at a time when superfast may not be fast enough, or the need for greater upload speed becomes paramount. That’s a decision for down the line.

The Garve and District Broadband company will therefore be closed down over the next few weeks.

The Garve & District Development Company has agreed to take on the responsibility for any broadband issues that may emerge in the future, under the leadership of one of the new Directors, Andrew Biddlecombe.

The GDB team have enjoyed working on this project with you. Together we have put in place a broadband infrastructure that will serve the community for years to come.

Happy surfing!



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Jeanette Fenwick said:

Thank you Steve and all members of the Broadband Group for your hard work on this. A fantastic outcome. Having good connectivity is so important for enhancing all our lives, so much appreciated. 

Jeanette and John Fenwick


Jean Bailey said:

I would like to second Jeanette's comment, the group have worked so hard to benefit the community, and at the start it must of seemed like an impossible task.



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