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Garve and District Broadband Update

Post in Utilities by Steve Jones
The company will be holding its last AGM with the current Board during September 2020

Anyone interested in joining the board?

After four and a half years on this project, the current directors wish to stand down at the AGM.

There are investigations going on currently to understand exactly the broadband speeds throughout Garve village. Despite all houses now being connected to the fibre box or the exchange, and the advertised speeds for all these houses on the BT website and the Digital Scotland website being at least 30 Mbps, there may be some properties that are not getting this sort of speed.

GDB will not close down the company until these initial investigations have been concluded.

Should there be a further project required for Garve village, possibly installing Fibre To The Premises, then this will have to be taken forward with a new Board. Existing Board members will of course be willing to help and advise. These projects are now a well trodden path for our community and for OpenReach.

If anyone is interested in being on the new Board of Garve and District Broadband to take this work forward, then please let me know directly by the end of September 2020.

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Steve Jones

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John Bedwell said:

Before the existing board stands down, I'd like to remember and register my thanks to them all for generating and managing what was our first 'legacy scale' infrastructure project in the community. Our life under Covid would have been very different for many without the connectivity it brought to our homes and businesses.

Thank you all


Pamela Morrison said:

I would like to echo John's sentiments , especially with regard  to Covid, but now I see that for younger generations it is a great asset. I do worry sometimes that  it may become 'a necessity for living'  and  leave some  people disadvantaged.Perhaps schools should have ' no no Net' days sometimes, pencils and paper at the ready?

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