Important update for Garve to Aultguish - from BTO - Broadband Self Digs

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The deadline for Garve to Aultguish self-digs is Friday 10th August. If your property is in this area, please note the new completion dates!
July update from BTO
July update frpm BTO

Check the BTO update (under Network 2), Garve to Aultguish is particularly important to those who are undertaking self digs. The deadline for completion is Friday 10th August - as outlined in the above schedule:

Activities in Progress

  • Surveys and detailed planning – Completed
  • Spine fibre – Ongoing
  • Spine build between Inchbae & Aultguish progressing. Traffic management is required along the remaining road to complete the spine.
  • Local fibre build work – Ongoing
  • Fibre jointing with spine and local infrastructure has started
  • Two sites for poling/civils work require discussions with the Forestry Commission – discussions continue
  • DYO build – ongoing, all customers except the two sites mentioned above now have equipment and know where build to
  • Network commissioning and auditing – planning started

We plan to start commissioning work in August. In order for that to happen all DYO’s must be completed by Friday 10th August

Questions & Comments

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Andrew Biddlecombe said:

Hi, I was looking for an update and some information on what to expect next please? Was the Phase 3 funding approved in May? for work in Strathgarve...

If so, can you please advise what the next steps are, and who and when we need to engage?




Steve Jones said:

Hi Andrew

Thank for both your comments.

There has been no change since our update in March   -  see post on the site.

GDB has had a contract with BT waiting to be signed since February 2019. The LCT approved our application for funding FTTP  for Strathgarve in March subject to the LCT receiving its next instalment of funds - intended to be at the time imminently from EDF/Corriemoillie.

The LCT / EDF contract has still not been agreed theee months on, and so we GDB cannot sign the BT contract until we have received the funds from LCT. 

LCT has approved the funding in principle so we will be able to press the button as soon as LCT has the funds. This will either be from EDF/Corriemoillie in the next few months, or in September when the next instalment of the Eneco/Lochluichart funds is due.

For all BT FTTP contracts, BT commit to delivering the fibre infrastructure within 12 months of the contract being signed.

It might be worth you making the LCT secretary aware of the urgent need in Strathgarve to help perhaps in leveraging EDF to release funds as soon as possible.

You may have already done this, but it is worthwhile assertively pointing out to BT that their speeds are less than advertised and pushing them on how they can be improved immediately. 



Andrew Biddlecombe said:

About a month ago I was persuaded to "upgrade" to the FTTC VDSL service - as we had been moved to the green cabinet in Garve, - Great I thought, as my BT Broadband ADSL service just would not stay stable, so in a nutshell, the BT Openreach survey offered 20-23Mbps down and 4.4Mbps uplink speeds (on paper)... Net result was that I switched on a 12 month contract to get more "reliability"...paying to get out of my ADSL contract early...  This has proven to be a BIG mistake, as in strathgarve the best they can achieve is still less than 20Mbps down (nearing 20Mbps on a good day - which is I agree more than sufficient), but has dropped the uplink to only 0.8Mbps (on a good day - Which is unusable if you dont want to do anything more than browse web pages).

As a homeworker, I cannot wait for FTTP to be made available under the G&D Scheme, as I will have to seriously consider moving away if this current position continues!

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