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Check out our Privacy Statement that lets you know how we use your information and how it is stored.

The Garve & District Development Company's Privacy Statement


The objectives of this Privacy Statement are:

To provide transparency around when and how TG&DDC use Members* Information.
(Note: *the use of the term Members includes Adult Members, Junior Members, and Associate Members where appropriate).

To ensure TG&DDC remains compliant with Article 12 of the GDPR, we are required to communicate information about our processing of personal data in a way that is:

  • Concise
  • Transparent
  • In clear and plain language
  • Intelligible
  • Easily accessible
  • Free of charge

Control Statements:

1) This statement applies to all Member* information collected, stored, and processed by TG&DDC, and does not seek to limit the scope of applicability to purely that covered under the GDPR.

2) Any information collected through TG&DDC website is provided and operated under the applicable sign-up terms and under the consent provided at time of Member* signing up, details are available here:
This includes information about cookies and how TG&DDC or our third-party sub-contractors and service providers use them to support our web presence.

3) Information sources used by TG&DDC may include community-oriented groups and collaboration sites which currently include Facebook pages (where a number of Group pages are created by TG&DDC or its Members), Mobile Messaging Applications (WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger), and emails sent to TG&DDC mailboxes, this may change from time to time, and TG&DDC will use its reasonable endeavours to keep this position updated to reflect the current sources.

4) Where appropriate, and with Member* consent, we may also work with other external bodies or organisations (LCT, other funding providers, home energy trusts, Gov. Scot, Social Landlords (i.e. Highland Council, Housing Associations, and private residential landlords), government organisations, utilities providers, and organisations as are appropriate to the operation of TG&DDC) to collect and use data related to our operations.

5) TG&DDC may use your contact details to contact you directly in relation to the stated goals of the organisation, this may include calling on Members to check on their health and wellbeing, to assess the potential for any further assistance that we may be able to provide you with.

6) TG&DDC may provide both to the members and externally, visibility of anonymised data in our operations and reporting activities. This will never identify an individual.

7) TG&DDC will never sell your information to any third party, or allow your information to be used for marketing purposes by any other organisation without appropriate consent.

8) TG&DDC may only store your information in electronic form in its approved IT Systems, including its collaboration platform Basecamp, in its corporate Google Drive environment, in its Finance and Accounting software package (QuickBooks), and on the IT devices of its staff members, officers, and directors.


TD&DDC collect registration details of our Members*
This may include Name (First Name, Surname, Salutation), Address (Full address details including postcode - used where necessary to validate residence within the membership area, and communicate with the membership), Telephone Contact numbers (Mobile and fixed line), e-mail address, Social Media Details, Age, Gender, and Membership type.

In some instances, we may also request and store Banking details (Name of account holder, sort code, and account number) which we will store to enable processing of payments when appropriate. We will also collect and record data relating to applications made by local residents (member households) relating to any grants or similar schemes operated by TG&DDC.

This information may be collected from correspondence (postal, verbally, or from our online activities, including the web site, and from our social media presences - Facebook pages, WhatsApp groups, or any other platform used by TG&DDC to communicate with the local community.

We will also collect and record data relating to applications made by local residents (member households) relating to any grants or similar schemes operated by TG&DDC.

Where appropriate and necessary, this may also include collection of Personal Financial Details such as Bank Account/Sort Code information to facilitate the payment of any applicable grants or similar.

We collect response data from local surveys, through applications made to us by residents, and through information shared by organisations that we may engage with to collect relevant information from.

Changes to your details, Suspension of membership, or Opt-Out of processing:

Should you wish to be removed from our records, terminate your membership, or to request that we stop or limit processing or sharing of your information at any time, please make contact with our officers using the contact information below. following email address:, or by calling 07838 815085.
Please consider that opt-out may mean that we will be unable to provide further communications and services to you.

Roles & Responsibilities:

Members* agree that by engaging with TG&DDC where they provide their information as part of that engagement (Registration of Membership, by completing Survey Forms, or by submitting Applications, etc.) that they are giving their consent to TG&DDC to allow the use of their data, and TG&DDC will retain and use the information only in accordance with its stated purposes.

Members are responsible for ensuring that the information provided is current, and where necessary will update TG&DDC when this changes.

All people engaged through TG&DDC in a formal capacity should understand their responsibilities to handle Information retention in alignment with this statement and TG&DDC policy.

Contact Details:

Should you require more information, please contact TG&DDC by using the foll

  1. by email using the address:,
  2. by telephone calling 07838 815085,
  3. or by post to our registered address**: The Garve & District Development Company, Unit 1A Latheron Centre, Latheron Lane, Ullapool, Ross-shire, IV26 2XB, United Kingdom.


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