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Post in Lochluichart Community Trust by Heather Donaldson
The LCT welcomes feedback and comment from its Members and also the wider community, and appreciates the opportunity to engage with them.

As part of our community engagement, an issue has been raised by a member of the Garve and District Community.  

This is regarding a number of grant applications, and the grant application process.  The LCT Board has reviewed the comments, the applications in question and its own policies and procedures, and has found no reason for concern.  The LCT has also met with Eneco, the owner and operator of the Lochluichart Windfarm, who has reveiwed the grant applications and LCT processes and is in agreement that the applications and supporting documents are in compliance with the LCT processes and the developer agreement.

If you have any ideas that you would like the LCT to consider, please contact the LCT Company Secretary, Carol Smith at:


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Chris Green said:

The lack of transparency that we have at the moment can lead to suspicion and this is only fulled when simple requests to view documents are met with a brick wall. A perfect case in point is the £46,246 allocated on 15/3/2022 for "further professional fees for the hall" - however this was around a year after the planning application was actually approved by Highland council, very interesting.

We know that these funds did not go towards altering the plans lodged with the council because they themselves have have confirmed that and the plans on their web site do not properly reflect the actual build so it is little wonder that people question why it was necessary to allocate another £46,246. I would love someone, anyone to explain this to the whole community. 

To be clear, why was it necessary to request and award this huge sum of money after planning permission was granted, why?

What was it used for? 

If it did go towards planning for the hall can we all please view these documents as I am assuming they will be sent to the council for them to publicly  display on their web site?

Don't take my word for it look it up yourselves... 21/01070/FUL and then look on the LCT web site to check the two large amounts approved for "professional fees"

27/2/2020           Prof fees award £49,782 Matheson, Mackenzie, Ross architects - LCT grant award

April 8th 2021     Highland council planning application approved

15/03/2022         Prof fees award £46,246 - LCT grant award

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