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Pastures New!

Post in Community Groups & Events by Tina Hartley
On behalf of the Company, we will be very sad to see Morven go, she has worked so very hard over the past 5 years for the Garve and District community, but pastures new are calling!

Morven MacDonald

Morven first joined the Company in 2018, when she was appointed as our Digi-Hub Project Facilitator, she moved on to run the next phase - Meet and Eat Digi-Hub and now, some 5 years' later, the 3rd phase of Activiate Garve & District is a great success.

If ever there was the right person to to manage the Activate Garve & District Project, it is certainly Morven. She not only had the right combination of skills and experience, but more importantly she brought her personal values to the role ensuring inclusivity and making sure everyone's voice was heard. 

Sometimes, it is easy to get caught up with those voices that shout the loudest and it really is important to listen to everyone's views and wishes.  We all know that you cannot keep everyone happy all the time, but Morven certainly tried!

I hope the community will join me in wishing Morven every success in her new role.

Tina Hartley - Community Engagement & Development Officer

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Flora Smith said:

We will all miss Morven very much.  Her helpful friendly nature endeared her to us all.  Good luck in your new job Morven your new employees are lucky to have you in their team.


Morven MacDonald said:

Thank you so much Flora. It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you and share laughter along the way. 

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