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Post in Community Ownership by Lucy Beattie
After over 125 years of continuous service sadly Hart Hotels have decided to sell the Garve hotel and cease operating which is devastating news for guests and local staff employed at the hotel.

This is a great loss to the economic prosperity of the area overall, but the loss of jobs is the hardest loss for many residents of our area.  According to Am Baile the hotel has a long history as an Inn and it was in the hands of the MacKenzie family (ancestors of Hilary Gordon, Postmistress of Garve) until 1966 (see image below).  

Back in November The Garve & District Development Company asked their members and the wider community if a community right to buy (CRTB) interest should be registered in the Garve Hotel and land adjacent to the Garve Public Hall. This arose from discussion and consultation regarding community assets in the district.

Garve hotel b and w
Garve Hotel image from Tour Scotland Blogspot Sandy Stevenson

The question was raised on the back of recommendations made by Alan Jones and Associates who had carried out a Community Assets Feasibility Study in 2019 to look at all assets in community ownership in Garve and District and also look at potential assets that the community could invest in. 

It was highlighted that the refurbishment of the Garve Public Hall was a community priority and that a register of interest on the adjoining land should be made to secure a right to buy should it ever come for sale which could improve the scope and potential for refurbishment.

The process started in December 2019 following the collection of signatures from community members in support of two motions:

  • To register a community interest on an area of garden ground adjacent to the Garve Public Hall
  • To register a community interest on land and subjects known as the Garve Hotel

The process of registration takes time to collect the required information from the Register of Sasines, ensure that the company memorandum and articles are compliant for the CRTB and that the correct mapping is in place. Before lockdown commenced the development company was just at the point of submitting an application to register an interest. 

Development Officers were in touch with the hotel owners to see if they would consider a sale of the land adjacent to the hall before registering the community interest. 

Initially, the directors of Hart Hotels said they would not consider a sale; but in the early Spring they intimated their tour operation business had shut due to COVID19 and they had to focus on the immediate challenges of COVID19. Sales particulars were released in early May and news of the sale was circulated.


With regard to the Community Right to Buy (CRTB) now that the hotel is for sale a different application known as a “non-timeous application" can be submitted. The requirements of this application are somewhat different and when the full detail of this is known we will let the community know how they can support the process to move it forward, if that is what they wish. In the meantime, two key offices that supply supporting information to deal with CRTB applications are closed so the process may take longer than it would under normal circumstances.

As ever, hub, our onb-line communityhub, is a place for co-creation and ideas. Please do use this space to add your comments, ideas and suggestions regarding this.

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Ann Menzies said:

So Sad, to lose all the jobs for the locals, I worked there  in the 70/80s as Barmaid, when the pub was open, tragically it closed down, so the locals had no other place to go.  But the face that the locals will have no place to work is a damn shame.

Ann Menzies.


Beverley Grant (Mactavish) said:

So sad, I worked their and have a lot of happy memories.  So important for the community. 


Hazel said:

So sad. My misspent youth was spent in this hotel. Loved my time there had great crac and met great people both guests and staff. This building has a lot of history it would be sad to see it not being used and looked after.


Pamela Morrison said:

In view of all that I am reading  in the Press and on line , plus what Lucy and others have written above, I hope that the residents in and around Garve will be  consulted and considered . There is a great deal of speculation surrounding the building and the land at present  which could have massive implications. I thought Gemma and her family did so well whilst they were there so many thanks for that.


Chris Mclennan said:

The hotel was once run by Robert Mclennan and Margret Ross in the 1850 - 60's. The story goes that something happend and they had to leave. Does anyone have any information or history of the Garve Hotel at this time?


Chris Mclennan said:

Does anyone know what is happening to the Garve Hotel?


Linda Docherty said:

I too am wondering what has happened to the old Garve Hotel?  I holidayed there over a period of 15 years at Easter and Christmas. So very sad for villagers, travellers and guests if there is never to be a hotel on that spot. 

Tina Hartley said:

Thanks for your interest in Garve Hotel.  Sadly, we have no news on the current status of the hotel or its future.  As a Company we have reached out to owners but have received no reply


Kathleen RENNIE said:

We had a girls weekend there with David Urquhart a few years ago.What a brilliant weekend we had.Its a shame what has happened to it.I hope it opens again for the local people and tourists.


Carsten Moser said:

Wir haben dort 1991 übernachtet. War damals schon ziemlich heruntergekommen.

(translation: We stayed there in 1991. It was pretty run down back then.)

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