The Latest Board Minutes Are Available Online

Post in The Garve & District Development Company by Heather Donaldson
On 9 April 2024, TG&DDC Board approved the minutes of its March 2024 meeting. The latest minutes can be found at the link below.

We publish our minutes very soon after the Board meeting at which they are approved.  We will notify you here and on social media when each new set is available online.  

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Kenny Maclean said:

Tina has not been co-opted onto the local Community Council.  She has been appointed an associate member for up to 6 months.  Co-option and associate membership are two very different things.


TG&DDC Secretary said:

Hi Kenny,

Thank you for pointing this out.  Because the Board approved the 12 March minutes before the inaccuracy came to light, it is not simply a case of altering them.  I will report back to the Board's next meeting on 14 May and we can rectify the error then, and add a note to the March minutes.  In the interim, I have removed the March minutes from the website.  

Heather (Company Secretary)

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