Bliadhna Mhath Ur! January & February Events

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Bliadhna Mhath Ur! Happy New Year! Wishing you all a first footer with a lump of coal to keep you warm, a shiny penny for prosperity and a wee bit shortbread for a full cupboard, health and happiness

Get Together and Give Yourselves a Winter Boost!

Activate Garve & District Project Events in January & February 

Check your WhatsApp groups frequently for updates, also emails, check with your art and circuits tutor for venue details from February onwards and the G&D News.


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Thanks to all the Community Volunteers
You are all worth your weight in gold and more! Thanks to all the venues supporting the community, all the local volunteers managing the community halls, the groups, the events group and the volunteer Directors of Lochuichart Community Trust and The Garve & District Development Company.

The Activate Garve & District Project
The project is funded by Lochluichart Community Trust and managed by The Garve & District Development Company for the benefit of the community residents within the Garve & District Community Council boundaries reducing isolation, improve connection, wellbeing and quality of life by creating sustainable activities and groups.

Pastures New
I will be leaving my role on 4th January and a replacement Project Officer is being recruited. You may see my name at the bottom of some posts that I have scheduled to publish throughout January however I will have left the role.  I am hopeful all groups can continue mostly self sustainable during January and February. If you come up against an issue you can use the links in the post to send an email through to the company for assistance. Someone will respond as soon as they can whilst managing their own role tasks and priorities too.

It has been wonderfully rewarding seeing the groups take shape, gather momentum and most of all the benefit to the community residents in so many ways. Thank you all for your support and encouragement and I do hope our paths continue to cross.

For further information or a different method of communication, get in touch by clicking here


Activate Garve & District Project


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Sue Tarr said:

Many thanks for everything you have done as Garve & District's Activate Officer! So sad to see you going but excited that you are taking on a new role that means so much. All the very best!


Flora Smith said:

No Knit and Natter on Friday 5th January 

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