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Post in Community Ownership by Alan Ross
Garve Public Hall Trustees are grateful for the support of Neil Ross, Architect, in delivering plans to put the community’s ideas for the refurbished hall in place.

Looking forward to the future

Within the limitations of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been working hard with Neil to finalise plans for the hall that takes into consideration community comments received at our community event in March 2019 and information from the consultation process that led to the Community Assets Feasibility Plan in November 2019.

We all have our fingers crossed that additional land will become available from the sale of Garve Hotel and The Garve & District Development Company are keeping in contact with the selling agent reminding them of the community’s interest in land. Should this become available then, we will have lots of options to support community wishes moving forward.

Neil will now work towards getting planning permission and we will keep you updated on progress.

Thanks for your continued support!

Questions & Comments

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Uisdean Menzies said:

Great to see that consideration for an extension has been taken into account, however, I understand at this stage that there is not much point in spending windfarm monies on what this might look like until the community has the ability to purchase the land. Hopefully, if the community is able to purchase any of the Garve Hotel land we can look at how this will support further developments for the hall too

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Gemma MacDonald said:

Wow, can’t wait to see this completed with all the new fixtures and fittings – a hall we can all be proud of – thank you trustees for your hard work.

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Murdo Mackenzie said:

It’s nice to see that recommendations from the community way back in March 2019 have been taken into consideration, for example, the kitchen being moved to where the store is and a village clock!  Also a lovely traditional Village Public Hall sign on the front.  It looks great!

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Janice Ross said:

Good idea to have a kitchen hatch that can be opened to serve refreshments for outdoor  events.. Lots more storage too, you can never have enough storage.

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Marion Taylor said:

Well done to the trustees whom have taken on board the original suggestions from the community. Nice to see a return to the original corrugated roof I think this alongside the design of the extensions compliments the traditional look of the existing hall and can only be a massive improvement in the village for the local community to use and enjoy for future generations.  

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Ann MacRae said:

Good to see the proposed plans. I like the multi-purpose use of the meeting space, the fact that it is accessible at ground level, and that it could be used as an office or separate space for  meetings. 

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Louise Urquhart said:

I like the bright entrance area, where people can chat, guess this can be used as a 
reception area for ticketed events too.  
Good to see improved toilet facilities and 
accessible toilets.

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Helen Forteith said:

Fantastic everyone who is involved helping community hoping the hotel will soon be in new hands so we can all enjoy it again and the hall will be a fun place to all enjoy again old or new 

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Bertha Logie said:

Good to see the traditional village hall design being kept. A suitable meeting place for the social life of the local area.

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Rita Bishop said:

I see the wonderful new village hall built in Contin, I assume that it is large enough to play sports in - badminton etc., things that young people will enjoy, as well as rooms for other purposes, maybe a small gym - so, how come, we with Windfarm money are only going to do a mishmash on what is a very old building with virtually no parking. As far as I am concerned, this is not a good use of public money. But, I have to assume most comments were in favour of the current plans rather than something, in my opinion, more suitable for the future.

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Sue Tarr said:

Garve Hall has been a very versatile space over the years (sports, theatre, social gatherings, public meetings, it has hosted so many different types of activity) and this looks to continue that versatility while preserving the traditional features and at the same time upgrading it be modern and comfortable to use - quite an achievement!

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