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Update 5 - The GDCORe

Post in Community Ownership by Tina Hartley
The Development Company is steadily moving forward their plans to involve the community in land management and development. What has happened to date?

Progess is being made!

  • Old staff accommodation secured and additional security measures in place. From a safety viewpoint, some of the roof tiles were fixed back in to place and missing ones replaced.
  • Completion of necessary tree work.
  • Some large pieces of wood have been retained for a future community carving project.
  • Offer of free wood chippings and wood have been made to the community – last opportunity to take these is likely to be 27 August 2022, the Development Company will then look to get them removed.
  • Hoping to use some of the wood chippings to cover the path used on community land, volunteers would be welcome, a future post will follow shortly with more information.
  • A local contractor has now agreed to cut the grass during the growing months.
  • We are awaiting a quote for a boundary fence to be erected between the hotel and the community’s land.
  • Tender document developed with a view to appointing external consultants to undertake community consultation around land development forward.
  • Application to support the consultation process submitted to LCT and approved.
  • Initial meetings with SKS Scotland and the Development Company took place.
  • SKS Scotland were appointed to move forward community consultation regarding land development and issued a survey during June 2022 to all households in the district plus the opportunity to complete the survey on line.
  • Results of survey are currently being analysed with a view to sharing with our community at the end of August – coffee morning at Garve and afternoon at Achnasheen.
  • In support of the above the Development Company are currently liaising with another community group.
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