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Thank you for all your suggestions!

Post in Community Ownership by Tina Hartley
We had some fantastic suggestions coming in for a working project title to support the community's new land asset

Project Title:  The GD CORe - Garve & District Community Owned Resource

GD CORe was the favourite amongst the Board and Staff of the Developent Company.  We feel the project is core in bringing our community together in the decision making process about developing their resource.
Thank you to all our residents who took the time to put suggestions forward which included: -
  • Suggestion to use the words connect and links
  • FOG - Future of Garve & District
  • Garve Lands
  • Garve Restoration 2022
  • GoG&D
  • WeRConnected
  • G&DUnite
  • True Hub
  • Click & Connect
  • G&D Sync
  • Connection Works
  • G&D Method
  • G&D Making Links
  • G&D Making Connections
  • Reimagine Garve & District
  • G&D Future
  • G&D Together Project
  • G&D Communities' Own
  • The Restoration
Next steps are now to engage creative minds to take us though a consultation and business planning process.
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