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Update 2 - Phase 2 Community Engagement Feedback

Post in Community Ownership by Tina Hartley
Phase 2 engagement around your views about developing The GDCORe is now complete. You can take a look at comments made and next steps below.

The GD CORe – Community Consultation and Engagement

A reminder of what has taken place to date:-


Discussion began around the potential to register a community right to buy for Garve Hotel and surrounding land.  This process told us that the community did not wish to purchase the hotel but were interested in land acquisition. 


Garve Hotel and individual plots of land came on to the open market and local community organisations begin discussions regarding purchase of specific plots.  Community land was purchased in December 2021.


January 2022, the community were asked for a working project title for the land and the favourite from those submitted amongst the Board and Staff was The GD CORe – The Garve and District Community Owned Resource.

During this year, the Company concentrated on securing the site including maintenance and repairs - required tree work and grass cutting.  We also made the necessary arrangements around insurance and utilities.  Work began on the development and issue of an external consultant brief whose role would be to look at feasibility and develop a business plan.

SKS Scotland were the appointed consultants and issued a postal and digital community survey during June 2022 and conducted a face-to-face consultation process during August 2022. 


It took some time for the Company and SKS to work together to present the final Options Appraisal and Business Plan.  A precis of which was posted to every household in Garve and District.

Phase 2 of the engagement process began with planned face to face events: -

  1. Summer Festival, Saturday, 2 September 2023 at Ledgowan Lodge Hotel.
  2. Lochluichart Community Hall, Tuesday 12 September 2023.
  3. Garve Public Hall, Wednesday, 17 April 2024.

During this phase of engagement, the community had the opportunity to: -

  • Attend one of the three community engagement events.
  • Email us with comments.
  • Write to us at our registered Company address.
  • Telephone us.
  • Arrange a one-to-one chat with myself and a director either in person or via zoom/teams.
  • Contact us via our social media platforms.

Phase 2 Engagement Feedback

Thank you to all of you who made the effort to contact us your views were all noted and detailed below in our padlet.

Feedback reveals that the majority of comments mention concerns around financial viability in general and a feeling that costings need to be revisited. There was a genuine interest in developing a separate, ground level “workshop” area.  An area where groups could gather and have the ability to use potter’s wheels, wood turning equipment etc with the facility to leave equipment out.  Public toilets, although a community priority in the survey, are causing some concern.  Main comments were specifically around the number of toilets identified, moving to concerns about cleaning and income generation.  Traditional versus new build - interestingly from the comments received, the number of views were similar for each option.  Remainder of comments focussed on accessibility – toilets and lifts etc (dependent on build).  People are keen to keep a green space and they hope that new facilities will complement the new hall and services provided there.  A museum remains popular as does facilities to attract visitors e.g. cycle routes, riverside walks etc.

What next?

The Company had said we would allow all residents to vote on their preferred option of retrofit of old building versus a new building(s).  To do this we need to gather and think about how we communicate supporting information to allow you to make an informed decision.

We now need a community steering group of volunteers who would like to be involved in moving plans forward.  Some of you did express an interest as part of the community survey and we will revisit your comments and get in touch.

In the meantime, if you would like to be involved and progress development of The GDCORe, please do let us know, you can use the CONTACT FORM HERE.


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Tina Hartley - Community Engagement & Development Officer

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