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Update 1 - G&D community become land owners!

Post in Community Ownership by Sue Tarr
Exciting times ahead for our community who have been successful in purchasing land which formerly belonged to Garve Hotel.

Moving forward community priorities

As you all know, TG&DDC has been pursuing the purchase of land and facilities to enable us to support the community in its previously defined plans and future opportunities. Cast your minds back to August 2021, and this post Land purchase for the Garve and District Community  The post explained how the Company, in response to community engagement and working in partnership with other community stakeholders, was working hard to acquire land to support your identified priorities.  We are now able to formally announce, after some very careful negetiotions, that Land (see map attached) now belongs to you, the G&D community and was purchased using community benefit funds supported by Lochluichart Community Trust.
Three plots of land and former staff building were purchased for the sum of £275,000 and now comes the even more exciting part, the part where you, residents, businesses and community stakeholders say how you wish to see the land developed.  The post, mentioned above, reminded you of some of the priorities previously identified but now comes the challenge of making your ideas reality.  The land provides a whole host of opportunities, and we now need full community engagement - our Board and staff are currently looking at the best way to achieve this - so watch this space.
As part of our pre-purchase enquiries, the Highland Council were positive about our pre-planning application (see document attached) - it is important to note that information mentioned in the application is by no means set in stone, we had to give the Council an idea of what the site might be used for based on what you have asked for in the past.  We are also working very closely with Garve Public Hall Trustees who are investigating the title of car parking spaces situated in front of the hall.  These spaces are highly likely to provide the main vehicular access to the site and it is important that they are community owned.  They have historically been maintained by Trustees for many years and once title is gained the community will be granted wayleave over them to allow development to move forward.
In other, but very much related news, and as mentioned in the December Community Council Minutes - Garve Hotel has now been purchased by Payman Club.  We will, very soon, be making contact with the owners and hope to work closely with them, they say:
The Payman Club is an organisation highly dedicated to social, economical and cultural activities on a local scale and committed to the welfare and well-being of humankind as a whole.
But for now our first decision is a working title for the project - any ideas?  Please comment below.
Back to you very soon with plans for community engagement.

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Tina Hartley said:

Comment from a local resident - "Thanks for the update.  Exciting news in deed.  Let's make something great happen.  As for the name - would it be worth focussing on our location as a crossroads between East and West of the Highlands.  Links/Connections/Crossroads being words that spring to mind.  Some of these words also embody people in the community being linked in their working together."


Pamela Morrison said:

I think  that what I have read so far indicates how important it will be to involve other groups already formed, especially the Traffic Calming Group and other  environmentally  aware groups. Payman sound very approachable .


Martin Sadowski said:

Could have a community veg and fruit plots for the community 

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