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Local Suppliers of Essentials

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Supplies are a worry for many in our community. So we have been in touch with these friendly, flexible, local suppliers. We need them and they need custom to survive.

Buy Local, Support Each Other

Below is a list of local grocery suppliers! These shops are the essence of community spirit, there for everyone in the area to do whatever they can. Get in touch with them if you need anything. More updates will follow as things develop.


Tarvies have said to send them a message or phone them if you need something ordered in, delivered due to isolating or anything else they can help with.

With the situation with the supermarkets we have taken the decision to offer a small selection of grocery items, mostly essentials. We are committed to support our local community and will increase our range from Monday to hopefully included more items. We are running as normal but expect we will have to close the sit in area in the near future. Please stay safe everyone. If there is something you really can’t get please send us a private message and we will do our best to get it in.

See their facebook page for images of some of food in stock such as milk, bread, cheese, sausages, tins, coffee, butter, eggs and more.

Kinlochewe Service Station

A Message from Kinlochewe Service Station (this information will also be leaflet dropped in the area over the next week for our customers who do not have facebook or internet access).

We know a lot of our customers from Kinlochewe and surrounding areas fall into the category of those needing to stay indoors at the moment. We will miss chatting with you and want to make sure you’re able to get help should you need it during the coming months.


Phone the shop on 01445 760227 if you need help with anything. (If you can’t get through when you ring, leave a message with your name and phone number and we WILL phone you back).

We along with others in our community will try to help with whatever you need such as:

  • Picking up shopping / prescriptions
  • Looking after pets / walking dogs / feeding sheep, horses, chickens etc
  • Providing cooked meals, soup, home-baking
  • Free food and toiletries if you’re struggling financially
  • Emergency supply of toilet roll, soap, tissues

Or, maybe you’d just like to have someone phone you every so often to let you know what’s happening in the community or to check in on how you are doing? (you know how we love to chat in our shop!)


If you do not fall into the complete isolation category and want to offer your assistance, let us know!

Please contact Sharon by email to smr.mclean@gmail.com with your name and details of how you can help and we will add you to the list of helpers.

Also, please do let us know if you’re aware of any other local coronavirus support so we can spread the word around of the local help out there in our communities for our neighbours.

Thinking of you all at this time,

Sharon & David McLean (Kinlochewe Service Station)

Contin Village Stores

Iain and Liz have said they will give the 10% reduction to all in Garve & District.

We are Iain & Liz Kerr. We have just moved into the village and taken over the village store from Nigel.

We are aware that the things are getting worrying with the current Covid-19 virus and this is leading to the restriction of all sorts of services and items. We are also aware that there are people in the village that may be self-isolating and that can be a difficult and lonely thing.

We have been thinking of ways that we can help those that may need some help at this time.

We are going to introduce an informal delivery service. We are happy to deliver not only papers, but also any food or grocery items that you may need to your door. If you phone the shop, we can take your order over the phone and can deliver it to your house. Our telephone number is: 01997 421552.

If you’re able to order in advance, then we will try to make sure we keep back items for you of things that seem to be in demand (bread, milk, tins, eggs, toilet paper, etc.). It will also enable us to try and order these items from our suppliers so that we can keep them for you.

We can take payment by card over the phone (to limit any risk from notes/coins), but if you would prefer to pay cash then that is fine too. We are happy to leave items on a doorstep or in a safe place. If you are still going out and would like to collect from us, then we can put your order by for you.

We are new to the area and new to the business, so please bear with us as we develop this service – please know we are doing the best we can.

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