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The GD CORe Phase 2 Engagement (Reminder Garve)

Post in Community Ownership by Tina Hartley
REMINDER! Join the Development Company in Garve to look over DRAFT plans for the community's land, plans which aim to complement new facilities at Garve Public Hall.

Third and Final Event of Phase 2 Engagement: Uisdean's Back Garden, Wednesday, 20 September 2023, 7 - 9pm.

We have held two engagement events so far:-

  1. Engagement Event 1 - Summer Festival, Saturday, 2 September 2023 at Ledgowan Lodge Hotel. 
  2. Engagement Event 2 - Tuesday, 12 September 2023, 2pm Lochluichart Community Hall.

For our third event, and given the hall and school are unavailable as venues, Uisdean has kindly offered up his garden to allow us to reach residents in Garve and the surrounding area - our thanks go out to Uisdean for this kind offer.

Remember that to date, every household has the opportunity to return comments on the community survey back in 2022, and every household has been informed on how to take part in our Phase 2 engagement process: -

  1. Attend one of the three community engagement events.
  2. Email us - use the CONTACT FORM
  3. Write to us - The Garve & District Development Company, Unit 1a, Latheron Centre, Latheron Lane, Ullapool, Ross-shire, IV26 2XB.
  4. Telephone us - 07838815085
  5. Arrange a one-to-one chat with myself and a director either in person or via zoom/teams.
  6. Contact us via our social media platforms.

Here is a summary (just a few) of the comments received so far (full comments will be available to all at the end of current engagement period): -

  • Retrofit v New Build (two buildings to provide the same space as retrofit) comments coming in.
  • A more traditional look in keeping with the village for buildings.
  • Too many toliets.
  • Retrofit - have abled bodied toilets upstairs and disabled downstairs.
  • Changing Places Toilet
  • Have gender neutral toilets.
  • Make space for a museum downstairs in retrofit.
  • Accessibility for upstairs in retrofit.  What about a lift?
  • Financials - seem low.
  • What is the workshop space for?
  • Workshop space - use it for activities where equipment needs to be left out e.g. potters wheel, sculputre tables, wood turning, Men's Shed type equipment, artist easels and paints.
  • Two new buildings to replace floorspace of retrofit - this would provide a workshop space with reduced noise levels that a retrofit of existing building might have.
  • Have a small wind turbine rather than solar panels.

Have you looked over the full Options Appraisal and Business Plan too?  It is attached to the bottom of this post - do take a look.

We very much look forward to you all having the opportunity to have your say about how your land is developed.

Tina Hartley - Community Engagement & Development Officer

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