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Do you want to lose Achnasheen Village Hall?

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Achnasheen Village Hall has sat at the heart of its local community for many, many years run by dedicated community volunteers. The hall is now under threat of closure.

We need YOUR support to save one of YOUR community halls

Achnasheen Village Hall is one of three community halls which serves the Garve and District community.  As you know, Garve and District has a very small community dispersed over a very large community council boundary area.

The hall has been run by a dedicated team of community volunteers for many years now, volunteers from the local communities of Achnasheen and Achanalt.  More recently the Achnasheen Amenities Association has been made up of local residents plus new residents from Garve who have all stepped up in order to preserve the hall for future generations.

Due to maintenance and repair issues and associated costs to make these right, your hall is now under threat of closure.  This will have an impact on one of our smaller communities in G&D who will lose much needed services such as its post office and a place to gather and socialise - and we all know how important this is post Covid.  Isolation is and will become an increasing issue for the communities of Achnasheen and Achanalt, and a central hub where people can gather and make connection is so very important for health and well-being.

With the closure of the hall, will also come the closure of the public toilets.  Now, although this will not have a massive impact on local residents, it will have an impact on visitors and our local eatery, the Midge Bite Cafe.  The cafe is already inundated with requests to use their facilities, requests that they understandably cannot meet.

So, come on Garve and District lend your support to saving another of our community halls.  Lochluichart Community Hall is doing great, Garve Public Hall is looking fantastic and will be a credit to the hard work of trustees - let's not lose Achnasheen Village Hall. 

As you have done with other local facilities in the past, PLEASE now come together to make sure this community hall remains open.

The Achnasheen Amenities Association will soon be issuing a document to give you some more information on what it thinks can be achieved at the hall and the Highland Council will be putting out a survey to see if the Garve and District community are interested in saving local services and preserving facilities for future generations.

Achnasheen Village Hall - Building a Stronger Community and a Better Future



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Pamela Morrison said:

I am racking my brains over this one! I, for one,  would  miss the Post Office  and the Bank facility and I know others would too. As noted in the Community Council minutes the Quiz  Night was poorly attended which was a pity because it was really well run and the refreshments were delicious and plentiful.We had a lot of fun , even  being happy in our ignorance.As  to the toilets  -  we in Achanalt would regret not being able to direct people to Achnasheen when we find them searching around  the station - and worse.


Kenny Maclean said:

The Achnasheen Outreach Post Office closed on Tuesday 29 August 2023 and will remain closed until further notice due to ill health.  Kinlochewe Post Office remains open Monday - Saturday 9.00am until 11.00am.  Garve Post Office remains open Wednesdays and Thursdays 3.30pm until 5.30pm.  Post Office services for posting items of mail are also available at https://send.royalmail.com/ where collection of items from your home can also be selected.

The mobile bank stopped visiting Achnasheen before covid due to lack of customers. 

I agree with Pam this is a tricky problem as meetings/gatherings can be held online these days, the toilets are again and again being raised as a concern going forward so careful thought all round is needed about the future.


Niall Gòrdan said:

I am originally from Muir of Ord but now live in Skye. I've never been inside the hall but I certainly agree the toilet facility is indeed valuable. It's a pity there aren't more real Highland ceilidhs and suchlike held there.


Debbie Peters said:

Post office achnasheen - Hilary post mistress if off with shingles and has no feeling in one foot and is unable to drive this far. I have spoke with her tonight and is a little better. She will be taking off the rest of the week and she hopes to be back next week. I for one use this service every week May it long continue to operate in achnasheen 


Pamela Morrison said:

Good to hear this. I share with you concern for Hilary and hope it will be possible to have her help in future. Always so pleasant.


Pamela Morrison said:

Is it possible to let us know how involved the railway station is with Achnasheen Community Hall and surrounds. Also with the toilet building?  Perhaps there  is some imaginative enterprise inviting  ideas........might fit with lowering carbon footprint, the original reason for introducing wind farms.

Andrew Biddlecombe said:

Hi Pam,

The hall and toilets are not linked to the station platform in any other way than by its proximity.

The Hall is an HC property, leased by AAA currently. The toilets are managed by HC today.

The railway platform does mean that working on site can require careful coordination with Network Rail from a Health and Safety perspective (trackside working considerations apply).

As HC are the landlord, AAA are unable to take advantage of external funding sources to maintain the building - as this is HC contractual responsibility (but they claim to have no monies to achieve this with today) - so a catch 22 situation for the building.

AAA position has always been that this is an important site for not only the village, but also for the surrounding areas (and passing NC500 traffic etc.).

As the post indicates - we will lose the building if we cannot show it holds a value for the community - and this will impact the local area (being less attractive for new residents etc. - all not positive things for the areas long term survival).


Kathy Grist said:

Thank you all for your comments. The Achnasheen Amenities Association are keen to keep the hall open and have events planned for the rest of this year - Bingo night on 12th Oct being the next event.

We will discuss more events at our next meeting and hopefully, will be able to hold a Ceilidh in the new year amongst other events.




Pamela Morrison said:

Thanks Andrew  I thought that was the situation but it  is good to have a clear and concise  explanation which everyone can read.

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