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The GD CORe Community Survey

Post in Community Ownership by Tina Hartley
SKS Scotland have been appointed to consult with the community about what you wish to see happen with community land, land formally belonging to Garve Hotel and previously reported on.

Return the survey by 19 June 2022

We want your views on potential development of your community asset - land between Garve Public Hall and Garve Hotel (including the old staff accommodation property). 

This is an exciting opportunity for Garve & District to create sustainable facilities that will complement the hall and provide wider services for the community and visitors of Garve & District. 

What would you like to see on the site?

Please complete the survey on-line if you can.  We have 178 envelopes ready to be posted with paper copies of the survey too so keep an eye on your letterbox!

Once we have collated responses we will arrange a community drop-in session during August 2022, to share results and meet you all face to face.

Have your say and complete the survey -  G&D Community Survey

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  • garve.org
  • Facebook - Company Page, Garve Public Hall Page, Garve & District War Memorial Page, LCT Group Page, Lochluichart Community Hall Page, GreenLeaves Group
  • Twitter
  • Messenger - Garve Events Group
  • WhatsApp - TG&DDC, Zumba
  • Request to share with contacts - LCT, GDCC, Achnasheen Amenities Group
  • Post out to 178 household throughout G&D

Questions & Comments

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Madonna Maguire said:

If the land is going to be built on then a tearoom selling gifts or crafts from local people would be good. It would provide work and bring money back into the comunity.

The staff house could possibly be used as a hostel again providing work and taking in money

Tina Hartley said:

Thanks for your feedback Madonna much appreciated - hopefully you put your comments in the survey, but I will pass them on to our researchers.


Rhoda Urquhart said:

Now that land has been purchased from Garve Hotel, I would have thought that this merits a rethink of how we make best use of this space.

This survey should be asking our Community, now that we have secured extra ground, would they prefer to extend around the existing hall or should we be building a new hall, fit for our Communities future needs.

Tina Hartley said:

Thanks for your feedback Rhoda - did you make your views known on the survey?  Don't worry if not I will pass these on to our researchers.  However, the community had previously said how important the exiting hall is to them and that they wished it to be refurbished, work continues around this as previously reported.  I believe the current plans do take account of a link for expanding the hall if that is what the community would like.


Rhoda Urquhart said:

Hi Tina

Thank you for your reply. 

With the community's purchase of additional land there has arguably  been a "material change of circumstances" with regard to any decisions about expanding or replacing the hall.


John Urquhart said:

With the new land now secured for community use, it is important any proposed developments do not preclude future residents the opportunity to develop facilities that are relevant to the communities developing needs.

The development of an integrated, energy efficient, sustainable community centre should be given renewed consideration.

With the 100th anniversary of the war Memorial due in 2024, a possible tribute would be tha construction of a path leading from the monument to the top of Cnoc na h-Iolaire?

The views are outstanding.

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