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Land purchase for the Garve and District Community

Post in Community Ownership by Tina Hartley
Exciting news for Garve and District - a new community asset which has been identified to meet community development priorities.

Community Owned Land (See attached map)

Community organisations – The Garve & District Development Company, Lochluichart Community Trust, Garve and District Community Council, Garve Public Hall Trustees and Achnasheen Amenities Group have been involved in discussions around the purchase of land and property belonging to Garve Hotel.

How did we get to this point?

  • We have a Community Development Plan, agreed by residents of G&D that we work to.
  • The Community Development Plan and recent Annual Plans have confirmed your priorities for example – community owned café, community owned shop, mens’ shed, bike hire and store, additional parking for Garve Public Hall, additional facilities for Garve Public Hall, Museum, gateway to biosphere etc
  • If you recall when the hotel first came up for sale a community engagement process took place looking at a Community Right to Buy application - we asked if you wanted to purchase the hotel site. Consensus was, that the community did not wish to purchase the hotel building itself but would be interested in land and the development opportunities this would bring.
  • Given this, the TG&DDC put in an application for funds to purchase land quickly should this become available – the application was approved.
  • Agents recently advertised the hotel and land in separate lots and in line with the above we registered interest in Lots 3, 4 and 6.
  • Community stakeholders, detailed above, came together to discuss the potential for land and property purchase and all agreed that it would benefit the community to own all 3 lots.

What next?

This very much depends on due diligence work around titles, service access and physical access to the site - hopefully this will all stack up to support purchase.  If so, then the exciting part begins -  the consultation and design stage, where you tell us your vision of how the land and property can be used, how it can meet your priorities.  

We will keep you informed moving forward - watch this space!


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Sue Tarr said:

We're sorry not to be able to say more at this stage, please bear with us as we do the "due diligence" Tina has outlined above and then we will be delighted to share the details.

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Mark Dale said:

It would be wonderful to build a new a multipurpose hub on the new land to compliment the existing hall. The options are endless.

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