Update 3 - Let's slow things down!

Post in Infrastructure by Tina Hartley
A community group of 14 volunteers, from across Garve & District have joined together to look at implementing traffic calming measures on our busiest roads.

What's happened since our last post in Mar 22?

We welcomed 4 new group members, one being our local Achnasheen Policeman.

As a result of the Company's Sustaining Choices Project, our community told us that one of their nine priorities around promoting sustainable travel was:

We want traffic calming measures into and out of Garve and other villages in the district.

We have a group of volunteers, supported by Tina, CEDO, who have been trying to get measures put in place to install Speed Indicator Signs (that count numbers of vehicles and speed) and other traffic calming measures. The last update was on 22 March 2022.

The amount of administrative work for the Development Company in support of the group is increasing, which is a good sign that the group is busy!  We therefore won't report on every piece of correspondence that has taken place (as with previous posts) otherwise the list will go on forever! 

The group have met twice since the last update, lots of discussion continues to take place with many ideas for traffic calming measures throughout the district, some of which include: -

  • Powered/solar powered speed indicator signs*
  • Speed cameras
  • Normal slow down, dangerous bends signs
  • Rumble strips
  • Smiley Faces at all entrances to our villages*
  • Double white lines to stop dangerous overtaking
  • A large roadside electronic sign - where the writing can be changed at the start of the advertised NC500 route
  • Speed strips to measure how fast vehicles are going between any two given points in support of our work - GDCC have requested these via Cllr Kraft
  • * associated maintenance

Sadly, after emailing, and phoning we are getting little response from Transport Scotland and the Highland Council - the Community Council got no response also.  One of the group's members tried to escalate the matter with the Highland Council and is awaiting a response from the Road Safety Officer.

The group's next steps are:-

  • Encourage our community to continue to gain evidence of road safety issues in our area via the Traffic Related Issues Page
  • Encourage our community to report incidents to the Police
  • Establish what and where traffic calming measures should be put in place and share this with the whole community
  • Get a community petition up and running
  • Get the support of the media
  • Enlist the help of Maree Todd, who is happy to meet us and Liz Kraft our new Councillor

If you are interested in joining the Traffic Calming Group, please comment below and we will get back to you.

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Pamela Morrison said:

After seeing and hearing speeding supercars passing my house I tried to phone the Police. I hoped I could alert them to these lawbreakers  coming  along the A  832 towards  the Gorston junction with the A 835. However I never got closer than Greater Manchester and automated messages. Is there a contact number that would help us to help the police and ourselves to alleviate  this kind of  dangerous and distressing nuisance, please? Images? You must be joking..


Pamela Morrison said:

101 was the number I used. The problem was that  unless  the call went through quickly there would have been no use making it as my aim was to alert  the police to the fact of high speed  sport  cars racing towards  the East on the 832, through Achanalt  , Lochluicart and onwards to the junction with the 835. 

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