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A community group of 9 volunteers from across Garve & District have joined together to look at implementing traffic calming measures on our busiest roads.

What's happened so far?

Following the Company's Sustaining Choices Project, our community told us that one of their nine priorities around promoting sustainable travel was: 

We want traffic calming measures into and out of Garve and other villages in the district.

The Company approached residents throughout the district who we felt might be interested in joining what is hoped to be a short term community action group.  Nine volunteers, supported by Tina Hartley (CEDO), held their first meeting on 9 October 2021 (although some work had taken place prior to this).  Following some fantastic input from all members of the group it was decided that the top priority would be: 

Research and investigate how we get Speed Indicator Signs (that counts numbers of vehicles and speed) like the slow down smiley face signs.  Some discussion around the type of signs required for the Lochluichart area due to dangerous bends included the ability for solar powered units, and potentially signs that flashed when a bend was imminent etc.
Detailed below are actions to date: -
Date Action
13/9/21 Work began on emails to potential 7 group members promoting the volunteering opportunity.
24/9/21 Email to group with date of first meeting - 29 September 21, and requesting ideas for traffic calming measures.
28/9/21 First email cancelled due to volunteer's other diary commitments and new date set - 7 October 21.
5/10/21 Email to group sharing everyone's ideas for traffic calming measures and provision of meeting link.
6/10/21 2 new members requested to join the group and were thanked and welcomed.
7/10/21 First meeting and priority action agreed, alongside further actions (detailed below).
9/10/21 Email to Contin CC requesting information about their traffic calming measures.
9/10/21 Email to BEAR Scotland regarding process for installation of devices.
10/10/21 Email to Cllr Cockburn and GDCC requesting contact for potential link up of devices to street lights.
10/10/21 GDCC provided some general contact information regarding above.
10/10/21 Email to Group providing progress to date.
11/10/21 Contact from BEAR Scotland saying request has been sent to Transport Scotland and work associated with A832 would lie with Highland Council.
11/10/21 Contin Community Council kindly shared information around their process to put measures in place.
13/10/21 Email to BEAR Scotland requesting contact for Highland Council.
14/10/21 BEAR Scotland provided Highland Council contact details.
15 - 21/10 21 Lots of correspondence between the group sharing information in support of process.
22/10/21 Email to group providing progress to date.
25 - 29/10/21 CEDO on holiday.
4/11/21 Email to Highland Council requesting support for devices along A832.
3/11/21 Email to BEAR Scotland asking if feedback had been received from Transport Scotland.
3/11/21 Email to group providing progress to date.
3/11/21 Email to group requesting details of Killin Farm level crossing site meeting and information received.
3/11/21 BEAR Scotland said in principle Transport Scotland were happy to move forward provided direct contact information.
4/11/21 Email to Transport Scotland requesting support and informing them of site meeting at Killin Farm.

Email to group providing progress to date.

13/11/21 Email to group regarding update about site meeting kindly provided by group member.
16/11/21 Reminder sent to Transport Scotland about request for support and asking for a response.  Prompt response received - saying Transport Scotland will check progress with BEAR Road Safety Team regarding solutions proposed.
16/11/21 Reminder sent to Highland Council about request for support and asking for response.

An awful lot of work has taken place so far especialy between group members in sharing information and expertise.  The group will keep the community informed of progress as we move along.

Questions & Comments

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Alan Macrae said:

The corner at the Old Garve Village shop is an accident waiting to happen because of foolish parking from some of the residents at the Old Shop due to their lack of parking space. This should be addressed as part of this project 


Madonna Maguire said:

The traffic through the village has increased a lot since the opening of the playpark. Would it be possible to have a sign put up directing cars to little Garve, which I believe was supposed to be the main entrance.

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