Update 4 - Traffic Calming Progress

Post in Infrastructure by Tina Hartley
A community group of 14 volunteers, from across Garve & District have joined together to look at implementing traffic calming measures on our busiest roads.

What's happened since our last post in May 22?

Workstream Detail Responsibility

A832 and A835

Speed Measurements

These need to have been achieved before consideration will be given to any new traffic calming measures.

A832 – Kenny liaised with Cllr Kraft to request. Cllr Kraft met with HC roads safety team recently and they have since spoken him via telephone to understand further the issues on A832.

A835 – recent letter shared to AAG from Maree Todd confirming speed measurements required.


Lisa Mackellaich (HC) awaiting response from group about potential positioning of signs on A832.

Tina to make contact and let her know of the plans for speed measurements due to take place. Consideration of positioning of electronic signs will need to await completion of this work.


Maree Todd’s Surgery

The group to again ask for a 30mph speed limit and if refused request current 40mph be extended.

GDCC have already written to MSP and Transport Scotland and await reply.


Maree Todd’s Surgery

Suggestion of an open meeting with residents – BEAR, Transport Scotland and HC. GDCC confirms that Cllr Kraft’s says Maree Todd’s office has already written to Transport Scotland.


Maree Todd’s Surgery

Request for a sign to direct traffic away from Garve Village in terms of access to Wyvis Natural Playpark.

GDCC confirms they have already directed Cllr Kraft to Wyvis Natural Playpark Group.


Maree Todd’s Surgery

Site Line, issue with beech hedge behind barriers on A835. Raise with BEAR/Network Rail.


Group meeting with Maree Todd.

Tina was awaiting a date from Maree Todd’s office. Given progress is now being made and 3 members of the Traffic Calming Group were able to attend Maree’s surgery I now suggest we await progress.


Draft community petition.

Tina completed, again, given current progress, I suggest we keep hold of the petition for now and issue at a later date if required.


Traffic Calming Page

Continue using the page to share experiences. Regular reminder posts have been set.


Idea from Caroline (resident and Community Councillor)


Use of white bollards with red reflectors on top at entrance/exit points along A832 (similar to Trunk roads).


Could concealed exit sign on the second Little Garve turn off from the Ullapool side – could this be made larger?


Promote reporting of overgrown site lines to HC and BEAR.


These alongside other traffic calming ideas (rumble strips etc) could be put forward once the potential for new measures has been agreed.


Moving forward electronic signs, if agreed.









If you are interested in joining the Traffic Calming Group, please comment below and we will get back to you.

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