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What's been happening? (Infrastructure)

Post in Infrastructure by Tina Hartley
TG&DDC want to let you all know how work is progressing around the Community Development Plan's theme - Infrastructure (previously named utilities)

Progress so far!

  • The Garve and District Broadband Group completed their work to bring access to fast speed broadband to many areas of Garve and District.
  • Information on available grants for those with private water supplies was promoted and shared. 
  • A community group of volunteers came together supported by Tina Hartley, Community Engagement and Development Officer, to look at "loos, waste and signs". As a result of the group's work it was decided that new public toilets were not required in the area, but that Garve Public Hall Trustees consider opening newly renovated hall toilets to the public on completion; parking and picnic signs were removed at the junction of Little Garve in the hope of reducing traffic accessing via this route;  the community was encouraged to report incorrect information on Google regarding travelling to Wyvis Natural Playpark in the hope of reducing traffic through the village; the Wyvis Natural Playpark Group again posted the correct information regarding travel and access to the park on their Facebook Page; and the community was urged to report pot holes and information on how to do so, from the Garve and District Community Council, was again publicised.  Forestry and Land Scotland were unable to support the installation of an additional directional sign to Wyvis Natural Playpark on the main road prior to the Stirling Drive turn but were willing to consider the provision of extra parking spaces in support of the Wyvis Natural Playpark if community funds were available.
  • A community group of volunteers have come together supported by Yvonne Boa, Community Engagement and Development Officer their role is to highlight the importance of walking, cycling and wheeling and its benefits to well-being.  They have been instrumental in working with Wheelness who ran an ebike project in the area.  This allowed interested community members access to ebikes for a trial basis, the project culminated in an outdoor event where the community could again have a shot of bikes.  The group are also looking at the improvement and development of paths in the area.
  • We are working in partnership with Wester-Ross Biosphere to develop signage that demonstrates that Garve is the gateway to the Biosphere and communities within in the district are themselves part of the biosphere, it is hoped that the work will include a number of information  boards throughout the district too.
  • Aultguish Inn have agreed to take part in Wester-Ross Biosphere Sustainable Development Goal Posts Project.  Posts with QR codes will be places throughout the biosphere and once scanned the QR codes will take visitors to a website that tells them what the local community is doing around climate action.
  • The wider community supported Achnasheen residents in lobbying the Post Office to keep their post office open at Achnasheen Village Hall and this was successful.
  • Following the publication of our Sustaining Choices Action Plan for Garve and District a community group of volunteers, supported by Tina Hartley, Community Engagement and Development Officer, are currently looking at one of the priorities identified - traffic calming measures.  There were lots of ideas at their first meeting and all agreed that electronic signs across the district to encourage traffic to stay within the speed limit should be researched.  As we make progress more information will be shared.

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Moira Harris said:

A big thank you to everyone who is helping to build and maintain a strong infrastructure within our community. It's always so encouraging to see people taking positive action in support of the community.

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