A Letter Means So Much!

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Across the generations, residents have mentioned they have not yet had the chance to get to know some folk. So, pens at the ready and lets get people in touch!

Open to All Ages

So much is online at the moment, it can feel overwhelming. So let's get back to that more meaningful, personal connection and start writing (or typing) again. We all love to get a personal letter or card through the post and it can really make someone's day, especially at the moment. This is a great, home learning activity focused around caring, communicating and connecting suitable for children, teens and all ages to get involved with. It may be the beginning of a valuable new friendship.

What You Need to Do

  • Write a card or letter addressed to "new friend" or "pen pal" 
  • Introduce yourself - give your name, postal address so they can reply, and a bit about you.
  • Mention your hobbies, interests, places you have visited, things you love and how you fill your day
  • Mention how often you would like to write and if you wish, include a photgraph, drawing or similar that you have created or is of interest
  • Send your letters to me and I will send them on to someone in the district. (We have to do it this way to respect peoples private address details until they reply to you)

Get in touch with me for my address details and if you need some cards or writing paper to get started. Just click here, fill out the brief contact form and I will respond /contact/project-co-ordinator-morven

When you receive mail from myself or a new pen pal friend there is no rush to open it and it can be left for 3 days before handling it to reduce the risk of any contamination.

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