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Funds from the LCT COVID19 support grant are being used to support the safe delivery of evening meals and weekly veg/meat and dairy boxes. This is still open to ALL residents in the area.

Uisdean Menzies and Gemah Graham have been co-ordinating deliveries of hot food for adults and kids and fresh produce to residents in the area.  The hot food order must be made to Uisdean at Out of the Blue Catering by SUNDAY each week.  For fresh food boxes please make the orders by MONDAY via the merchants and contact Gemah Graham to arrange delivery.

Please follow this link for full details of boxes, menu for hot meals is below.  We are hopeful that a many more residents will take up the delivery offer to ensure they can remain at home, stay safe and minimise the need to travel to the shops during this time.



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Sue Tarr said:

I would like to thank Uisdean, Gemah and their team for setting up these schemes. I know some very satisfied customers who have been enjoying their hot meals which have been very tasty, and it is great to have them delivered too. Thanks guys!

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