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Wyvis Wings

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Wyvis Wings made the Ross-shire Journal! Thanks to Andrew for this great idea, his time putting the kits together, delivering them safely and jointly funding the materials with LCT.

Have a look at the article by clicking here Ross-shire Journal Article

Now to follow the progress of all those Mini Scouts. Mini Mustangs and Commuters! 

Check out the Wyvis Wings group page here on the hub. Remember to sign in and click on "follow this group" when you are signed in for regular updates.

Wyvis Wings

Looking forward to seeing how they all develop. A good dose of fun that we all appreciate at the moment. 

Thanks Andrew.

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Helen Forteith said:

Hello we loved the challenge of building the aeroplane it was pretty hard lol, we got glue over lots of things apart from the plane and some of the putting together was not quite perfect but all in all it was fun and we have a mini mustang to show .

So thankyou Andrew for giving us the chance to build one 

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