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Thanks to Rory Dutton from the Development Trust Association Scotland for his recent visit to talk to us about good Board Governance.

Raring to go

On welcoming new Directors to the Development Company's Board, we felt it important that all Board Members should receive a refresher course (and new training for our youngest member) about good board governance and what it entails.
So how do a Board of Directors representing community members ensure they are doing the right things, at the right time to support their community?  It all boils down to "due diligence".  Due diligence as a Company and due diligence individually as Directors and Staff.  Rory took us through the following elements:-
  • Legal Context - we discussed how the Company was set up from a legal viewpoint, what that meant to Directors and Staff and what it meant for our members,
  • Company Directors - we discussed the following areas in detail.
  • General Role
  • Statutory Duties
  • Operational Responsibilities
  • Key Legal Hazards

It really was a good training session and a good reminder of what we are here for and what our duties are.  Some feedback from the Board and Staff:-

Zoe said, I found it really educational, especially concerning the roles and responsibilities of being a Director and the stance we have in the community. The training was also really clear about where we can find outside resources and assistance if we were ever to need any.

Uisdean said,  for me, it was, a reminder, that being a Director has a lot of responsibility both personally and for our members.  You have to make sure that you fulfil your board responsibility, and tasks, to the best of your ability to make sure that you look after the best interests of your membership. Not to be scared to speak out if you think things are not right, and knowing that, there is help out there if you need it - its about due diligence.

Sue said, I can't add much more to the other comments other than I also believe it has built confidence in ourselves and our fellow directors as a team. It was very positive.

Sheila our Company Secretary said, a good reminder of our responsibilities and ensuring organisations keep a clear "register of interest".

Lucy and Tina after the meeting reflected on an important point that Rory discussed - that of conflict of interest.  As a small community we have volunteers who sit on a number of boards and this can be difficult from a personal viewpoint and also from an organisational view point.  Rory said the important thing was to register the conflict and then get the balance right in terms of adhering to Mem and Arts but also ensuring that Board Members who may be in conflict are allowed to put their views forward (obviously not if there is a financial gain to this) but  giving them the opportunity to discuss items but not the ability to vote on them.  Our Board manages this well.

Thanks again to Rory and DTAS for the training.

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