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From today for the next three weeks Garve and District will have an E-bike available for loan within the community. Read on to find out how to access this free trial.

An e-bike is like a normal push bike but with the added bonus of pedal assist, this is where the motor is only activated when the pedals are already in motion. This allows the rider to still get a workout, but with an added boost to make their ride easier.  An e-bike's electric motor to help you along over rough terrain and up hills. You ride it much like you ride a normal bicycle, but with less effort.  There is a boost function which can increase speed up to 25 miles an hour which is fast enough to go further than a conventional pedal bike without going so fast you can't enjoy the scenery.

e bike

The Energy Saving Trust has a pool of electric bikes available to borrow free of charge for up to 3 weeks, and have placed one for use within Garve and District with a local community member. This trial follows on from the community energy group drop in day held at the end of August where there were e-bikes available for trial from Square wheels in Strathpeffer.  This month Sustrans are promoting the Scottish Workplace Journey Challenge.  Do you commute daily to Inverness?  Could you swap your car journey for a combinaton of the train and e-bike?

To borrow the bike get in touch with who will pass your details on to the local contact to arrange a trial.  The process is very easy, the Energy Saving Trust even provide helmets and hi-vis vests so you can test them until your heart’s content.  Please download and complete the e-bike booking form disclaimer at the foot of this page which can either be emailled to Lucy or printed off and passed to the local contact for the e-bike trial.

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