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We need your images of your art work by Sunday 6th September to get your 15 pound voucher! Here is a reminder of what to do, to claim your local food outlet voucher.

We Can't Wait to See Your Art and Your Ideas!

Get Creative!

Are you 0-17 years old?

Would you like a £15 voucher to spend on a delicious lunch, dinner or hot chocolate and cake with your friends or family?

What do you need to do?

  1. Create a piece of art
  2. Email me a photo of your artwork along with your completed ideas sheet, name, address, date of birth and your preferred choice of food outlet by Sunday 6th September. Email me at
  3. Keep your artwork safe, so it can be displayed in the Garve Public Hall in early autumn
  4. That’s it!

Choose your own theme, use any art materials you wish and make it any size or shape.

Some ideas to get you thinking - Wildlife, Sport, Nature, Family or Self Portraits, Fun, Adventure, Dreams, Transport, Favourite Toy, Patterns, whatever it is that you enjoy.

You can then choose a £15 voucher to use by Sunday 25th October 2020 from one of the following:

  1. The Aultguish Inn
  2. The Midge Bite Cafe
  3. The Ledgowan Hotel
  4. Out of the Blue Fish & Chip Van

We will do our best to accommodate your choice of food outlet. The vouchers will be shared equally across the 4 businesses in Garve & District.

Remember to complete your ideas form  we sent you or you can complete it online here! Takes just 5 minutes max!

Ideas Form for Kids up to 12 yrs old

Ideas Form for Teenagers

We can't wait to see your art! Please appreciate anything you create. All art is beautiful because you will have put effort, care and a little bit of you into it. It would be so wonderful to share it with your  Garve & District community.

Thanks to LCT for funding the Activate Garve & District Project.

Any queries, you can contact me directly here Contact Morven


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Morven MacDonald said:

Come on everybody! This is a great chance to support the local businesses and enjoy yourselves. You deserve it. Vouchers are valid right up until 25th October! 

If you need any help or assistance with the ideas or getting the artwork image over to me, just get in touch. Some cracking bits of creativeness coming in from toddler to teen and all levels of art experience and ability.  So uplifting and wonderful to see them. Remember everyone is an artist!

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