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A brand new website for the residents of Garve & District!

Post in The Garve & District Development Company by Blair Millen
Hello and welcome to your new website, the place to discover news about your area, comment on local activities and contribute to the community

You may have heard about our annual income from the Lochluichart and Corriemoillie wind farms? Well, we’re putting the money to good use by investing in the community. Some of the money is being spent on running this website – our new Online Hub – with a top priority being to connect all the disparate communities in the area and spread the good vibes of a brighter future.

What you're seeing now is the first phase of the website. We're planing (at least) a second phase where we introduce new features and take your feedback into account. So, have a look around and leave your feedback in the comments below.


So what benefits will having an online hub bring the residents of Garve & District I hear you ask? Ok, let’s list a few:

  1. Communication – first and foremost, we want to be able to reach out to everyone in the community, seek opinion, offer help and share success

  2. Promoting local groups and activities – groups are great for all sorts of social and economic reasons, and we’re keen to shine a bright light on them. Did you know that many already exist in the area? Perhaps you want to set up your own group? In the next phase of the website development, we’ll be promoting groups through the website, each with a dedicated mini-website run by the group

  3. Sharing ideas – got a bright idea for improving the area? We’ve got the money and (more importantly) we’ve got the expertise in getting new projects up and running with our two development officers, Lucy and Tina. Through the online hub, you’ll be able to submit your ideas and we’ll put them to the public vote

  4. Celebrating our area – we’ve got lots to shout about in Garve & District so we’re going to hoot and holler, nice and loud... via our website. Do you have a passion for something special in your area? Let us know so we can make some noise on your behalf

Become a member

If you are locally and permanently resident in the Garve & District area, we encourage you to register for membership. Becoming a member brings the following benefits:

  1. Receive the “Garve & District News” newsletter

  2. Access to your own dedicated profile pages

  3. Automatically become a member of The Garve and District Development Company

  4. Leave comments and submit ideas

  5. Vote on ideas submitted by others in the community

  6. Join groups (phase 2)
  7. Set up your own group (phase 2)

  8. Receive your chosen group newsletters (phase 2)

After you register as a member and sign-in, you may notice some small changes on the site. At the top right of the page you'll see your profile picture (if you added one) instead of the register and sign-in links. Clicking your profile picture gives you further options to access your profile pages.

Within your member profile

Within your member profile you'll find your "Activity stream", which details all the things you've done on the site, along with new content we've added. We list comments you've added and ideas you've voted on, as well as notifications when someone else leaves a comment on something you've also shown an interest in (it sounds complicated but it's not really, honestly).

Watching posts

When you're signed-in, you'll find an extra "Watch this" link that lets you keep track of a particular piece of content. When you're watching a post, we'll show you updates in your activity stream. When you leave a comment on a post, we'll automatically "watch" that content for you.

Leaving comments

When signed-in, leaving comments is really straightforward - no name, email or spam-question checks. And your comments appear right away (as opposed to comments from non-members, which need to be checked before publication).


Only registered members will be able to vote on submitted ideas. Make sure you're signed in to see the voting links.


Unless you previously opted-in to receive the Garve & District News newsletter, we strongly recommend that you subscribe; it's the best way to stay abreast of developments in the community. You'll find the subscribe link in your profile settings.

Got a bright idea?

One of the most exciting features we’ve got on the new website is our idea submission form. Remember the “Community Needs Survey” that we carried out back in 2016 to find out what everyone wanted to do with the wind farm money? Well, the idea submission form takes that idea one step further by letting you share your ideas directly with the rest of the community. And don't worry, you can submit ideas anonymously.

We want you to tell us what changes you’d like to see in the area, something actionable, practical and, most importantly, something that benefits the community. Why not start now, tell us your idea:

Comments & feedback

Beneath most news posts you'll find a comment form. If you have an opinion about that content, don't hold back, we want to know your thoughts, positive or negative.

Questions & Comments

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Sue Tarr said:

I love how easy it is to register. Adding a photo was really simple. Congratulations to all who have been beavering away to make this website happen!

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Blair Millen said:

Thanks very much Sue... it's been a thoroughly enjoyable project to be involved with (and this is only the start!).

Here's to exciting times ahead!

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Ann Menzies said:

It will be nice to see and hear all that is going on in Garve when you are so far from home.
Ann, Mississauga, ON Canada

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