Wyvis Natural Play Park

Wyvis Natural Play Park

Post in Community Ownership by Sharon Wright
A truly unique natural play area where families can meet, enjoy our amazing environment and instil an appreciation of nature in our children.

Wyvis Natural Play Park

The park has been designed to include climbing and balancing structures of varying heights and difficulties to suit different ages and abilities, together with swings and a zip wire for added excitement!

A large part has been left as natural forest where children can explore, play hide and seek, build dens - wherever their imagination takes them.

Created to encourage families to spend more time outdoors, for children to interact with natural materials and enhance their play potential.

Wyvis Natural Play Park

From concept to completion, this play park has taken 4 long years and a lot or hard work!

The idea was to encourage more families to do the spectacular 2 miles circular nature walk, the play area being a real incentive for the children!

Wyvis Natural Play Park

In addition, if local families want somewhere to take their children and meet up with others, they inevitably drive away from our area, as there is nowhere locally to go. Now families can come into our area and as a result bring potential footfall for future community projects.

Wyvis Natural Play Park

We believe the park to be a real show stopper, something to be immensely proud of and will put Garve and District firmly on the map as a place people want to visit!

Wyvis Natual Play park

Great Feedback

All the hard work has been worth while when you receive feedback like this:

Just spent a fantastic afternoon here with our Grandsons.

Parked up at Silverbridge, walked to the park, stayed for 2.5 hrs (inc picnic), bumped into friends, walked back on the other side of the river and utilised the facilities!

Fantastic, safe, outdoor experience for all ages!

Thank you sooooo much!

feeling delighted

Thank You

We would like to thank LCT for generously funding this project, for the Forestry for their huge contribution and support, to Gordon MacKenzie for donating his time and machinery and everyone else involved in making this happen!

Questions & Comments

Here's what others said...


Kerrie Doswell said:

Spent Tuesday afternoon at the park with my 10 and 6 year old; they were thrilled to have somewhere to play nearby. It's really beautifully done - well done to all involved and thank you!!!


Ellen Donnelly said:

Is it possible to cycle to this park from the town of Garve using an off road bike track? Love this place and would love to get there without driving


Pamela Morrison said:

What a lovely question ! Thankyou.

Tina Hartley said:

Hi Ellen

This is a message from the playpark group:

"From Garve village there is a very quiet road that goes directly to the park gate and is perfect for a leisurely short cycle.. any off-road mountain bike trails would take you further away from the route. Enjoy!"


Pamela Morrison said:

I now have my sunflower seeds. I took them from the blue box outside the front door of the Hall after a Knit and Natter  session. Thanks.

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