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Do you find the thought of using Zoom overwhelming? Wouldn't know where to start? Or do you want to feel more confident using it?

Learn at Your Pace, Your Way 

I am really keen to talk you through how to use Zoom with ease and be able to join in with local activities and connect with others in your community and further afield.

Get in touch with me by clicking  HERE and completing the very brief, contact form. You can say what your preferred method of communication is on the form.  

Most of you have my email address in your contacts from previous communications and many of you will have my mobile number already.Please feel free to use whatever method is easiest for you. I also use Whats App.I cannot advertise my email address or phone number on here due to computer security requirements.

It really does make a difference having the option to join in with others on Zoom. I was cynical at first and although I would prefer face to face, I found my mood and energy levels so much better after interacting with friendly, familiar faces on Zoom. 

Life is too short to miss out. So get in touch. 

I would love to hear from you and be able to wish you a Happy New Year!

Best wishes


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