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EDF Renewables Corriemoillie Education and Training Fund

Post in EDF Training Fund by Sue Tarr
Do you live in the community council area of Garve & District? Do you want to do an education or training course, or undertake an apprenticeship?

If you answer yes to both these questions then look no further!

You can apply for a grant from this charitable fund to help with travel and subsistence, study materials, child care, course fees not already being paid for, accommodation costs, or essential equipment or clothing.

2020 Application Deadlines
  Closing Date Decision Date
Round 1 6 January 2020 4 March 2020
Round 2 29 June 2020 26 August 2020

Applications forms and guidelines can be downloaded from Foundation Scotland.

For further information or to request a form please call 0131 524 0300. Check out the EDF poster: EDF Education and Training Poster November 2019

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