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Post in Community Groups & Events by Tina Hartley
You have told us that you would like more activities in Garve & District, well watch this space. We have a new project that aims to do just that - get new activities up and running!

Activate Garve & District

TG&DDC are pleased to announce that LCT have recently approved a brand new project for Garve and District which aims to:-

develop the skills of the existing group of SCVO DigiHub participants and will also look at promoting other groups and activities within Garve & District working closely with LCT and sign posting people to Micro Grants increasing uptake.

Following on from our sucessful SCVO DigiHub Project, the group of participants who attended wished to carry on learning and wanted to continue to meet - they also had ideas for other activities too.  We are therefore pleased to have Morven MacDonald still working with us.  As you all know Morven took the lead on the SCVO DigiHub Project supported by Madonna Maguire and a group of lovely community volunteers.  Morven will now take our new project - Activate Garve & District forward.

So if you have any ideas for new activities just hit the contact button below and let us know.

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