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A member of our on-line hub has shared an idea with us

Mountain Bike/Cycling Trails

So, a new idea from one of our members - what do you think about the creation of mountain bike/cycling trails.  Is it something you think the Development Company should consider, is there demand?

Let us know your thoughts below, do you know of areas we could create such trails?

Look forward to hearing from you - remember to vote.

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Lynne Shearer said:

I like the idea but they need to be appropriate and also consider other users such as walkers. Bikes often hack at paths making them a quagmire for other users. Modelling what they have in Achilty and maybe consulting with an organisation that advises on off-road cycling would be an idea

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Mark Dale said:

I have cycled the forestry trails (roads) from Inchbae to Torachilty. These roads will not cut up with the bikes. Your bike take some punishment, but they are great fun.

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