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Post in Groups by Tina Hartley
It would be great to know how many groups are currently up and running in Garve and District and your ideas for new groups!

What groups are out there?

Ok we already know of a few:-
  • Garve Village Hall
  • Achnasheen Village Hall
  • Lochluichart Vestry
  • Friends of Lochluichart
  • Garve and District Community Council
  • Lochluichart Community Trust
  • PTA Garve Primary School
  • Broadband Group
  • Energy Group
  • War Memorial Group
  • Coffee and Books

What others are we missing ?  Please comment below.

Ideas for new groups

  • Running Group
  • Dog Walking Group
  • Men's Shed
  • Youth Club
  • Community Choir
  • Drama Society

Comments below, can't wait to hear!

Questions & Comments

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Angela Moxon said:

I would definitely support a community choir, what a fabulous idea......as is a youth club or a youth cafe

My suggestion would be a regular community lunch or afternoon tea.

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Tina Hartley said:

Thanks Angela, I wonder if anyone in the community would be interested in taking the Community Choir idea forward?  I know the choir in a neighbouring village is doing just great.  I like the idea of a regular community lunch and particulary afternoon tea especailly if cakes re thrown in.

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Pamela Morrison said:

I have just seen Angela,s  comment re support for a community choir and/or youth group.I would love to join a choir which met together locally., all ages have voices so that would be handy.P

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Ed Tarr said:

The village hall in the past has had badminton and carpet bowls, does the hall still have the dimensions to do such things?.These 2 things would cover a wide range of ages and there must be more pastimes to get age speads all together (I can feel the aches and pains coming on already)

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