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We have a number of small businesses in Garve and District. Would you like to have a place on the digital hub to share your details with members of the community?

Jan is a local lass from Garve who runs the Backcomb and Beehive mobile hairdressing service.  She got in touch with us recently:

It would be great if I had facilities I could use in maybe the Garve hall or somewhere else

Garve & District Development Company is committed to supporting fulfilled lives for all those who live and work in Garve and District.  Is there some way we can support your business, or are you looking for a service for example mobile hairdressing, would it be helpful to have a directory of businesses and services in the local area on our community hub?

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Robert Moir said:

With the passing of the Newsletter there is no easy access to a listing of businesses. A project for GDDC maybe a directory delivered to each house in the area?

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Marc Harris said:

We think it would be a good Idea , to network with all local businesses if possible, but to be able to do this a local directory of who's out there and what they offer. would be of benifit to all of us.

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John Forteith said:

We recently acquired Rosemount Cottage & Bothy and have been busy with renovations over the last three months. We look to have an open day for Garve residents on Sat 25th August from 2pm -6pm. It would be helpful to have a local medium to communicate this to locals. As Jackie has suggested, we look to offer discounts for locals booking friends or families. Currently we are looking at old fashioned invitations through letter boxes.

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Tina Hartley said:

Welcome to the Garve & District on-line community hub and to Garve!  The hub is the place to share ideas and information, so great you have joined us.  The next phase of the hub will consider how we can help promote local businesses, but in the meantime we can give you a quick shout out via a post as the open day is specifically for the community.  Good luck and we look forward to your support.

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